The central train station attack: Second attack by a man armed with scissors

NSW Police confirmed that at 8: 30 am Wednesday, a man armed with a pair of scissors entered a shop at the Central.

The report of the attack came as the announcement of an incident of violence in the suburbs of Melbourne has also seen the light of day.

The scene of the last Sydney attack was a shop located in the Henry Deane Plaza on Broadway at the end of the Central Station tunnel.

After the man entered the shop, armed with scissors, he closed the door of the store, NSW Police media said the au.

A member of staff was able to communicate with the police and officers attended the shop where the man was arrested without incident.

The police descended on the Central station a week after the fatal incident on Wednesday evening of last week.

In Melbourne’s east, police have closed a road in the suburb of Boronia after a man was assaulted in the night and threatened her with a firearm.

For the second time in a week, a man armed with scissors entered a shop at Sydney Central station. Photo: Darren Leigh Robert

The latest attack happened at 8: 30 am Henry Deane plaza at the Central station, where a man armed with scissors entered a shop. Photo: Sam Mooy.

A week ago at Sydney’s Central station, a florist Emmanuel Theoharis was attacked by a man wielding up to four pairs of scissors and a broken bottle.

Danukul Mokmool entered Mr. Theoharis of the shop on Eddy Avenue at 6.20 pm and put his arm around the elderly owner of the shop by the throat, saying, “don’t move, call the police”.

Mokmool, which had two pairs of scissors in his belt and two in his hand shoved the broken bottle in Mr. Theoharis of the throat, inflicting a 5cm long wound.

Alerted to an armed robbery in progress, police arrived on the scene and confronted Mokmool.

Last week crime scene after the police shot and killed Danukul Mokmool after having attacked a station florist with scissors and a broken bottle. Photo: Darren Leigh Roberts.

The central station florist Manual Theoharis has been attacked by ice addict brandishing a broken bottle and a pair of scissors.

Officers were told the offender to drop his weapon and when Mokmool refused, they shot him.

Graphic video posted on social media, filmed by a witness of the scene shows two police officers with their guns drawn and aimed at a man inside a florist before someone shouts “down”.

The man appears to run from the florist to the police before the four shots are fired at him.

“F***, f***,” an onlooker can be heard screaming.

The man can then be seen lying lifeless on the ground like the police to come to his aid.

“Everyone move away,” someone can be heard before the end of the video.

Following the incident, a man was taken to Day Street police station on Wednesday for questioning.