People see corruption from anyone, except myself, and that’s the problem

Artist and social activist Sergey Poyarkov gave an interview
the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”

Gordon: “Gordon”, and my guest today is an artist and social activist Serhiy Poyarkov.

Good evening. How did you celebrate the 9th of may?

Poyarkov: It’s all lies. What is now happening in Russia is a blatant lie. It’s impossible to celebrate. It is a day of mourning. This is the day when you need to remember about the Soviet brutality that killed tens of millions of innocent people. It is a festival of lies.

What do you think of Viktor Yanukovych now?

– I think he sucks now. But I’m sure it will be even worse. And not only him but also his patron Putin. I think what happened with Yanukovych, seem childish prattle of his Russian handlers. The worst ahead of him and Putin ahead of terrible.

Is That Julia?

– I think she’s the main rival of the current authorities. It is a rare man in politics. She likes power more than money. She is beautiful. But society is growing. Yulia Tymoshenko – surely the most qualified opposition to the current President, but it all depends on the maturity of society, from the electorate. But, in my opinion, the voter is dumber than politicians. Julia – Sarah Bernhardt in our politics. She keeps hitting. She’s a real professional, but she – and the diagnosis of our country.

– Why you do not like Yatseniuk?

– It is not worth to talk about it. If before him loomed the prospect of the court, I would have wished him to become a successful presidential candidate immediately after his release.

– What do you have against Pashinsky?

I asked the driver to give Pashinsky round the clock security to someone who will us from Pashinsky guard. I think that we have no early elections will not be until the 19th of the year, if some of these “patinoires” do not beat children on the Maidan.

Don’t you think that 3.5 years ago at the Maidan were a lot of oddities?

– I can say that those who stood on the stage of the Maidan, policy, they ran to Yanukovych to bargain for positions, but the Maidan stood. Me had opened four criminal cases, and I had to sit down. If independence is not won, then I would have still sat. Now questions have arisen very much.

– The beating of T. Chornovol was?

– Of course, it was. But, presumably, if none of those beat the street, sat down, the question is – who provoked the fight and how it started – remains closed. Initially it has become clear that we have something to hide – the full record there. She destroyed.

– Alexander cut off the ear?

– A piece of the ear he cut off. But I always tell journalists that when talking to Bulatov, he was asked why he was dishonorably discharged from the “Automaidan” three days before the abduction. But it was deleted for rudeness, financial matters it was the guys. He is an emotional man, and for him it was a severe injury. After the revolution there was an official statement of “Avtomaydan” that we don’t believe in the abduction. Why was it necessary to take Bulatov, who notched a piece of an ear, from the country, and Chornovol beaten up to death, to leave? So, Bulatov, had to clean up so he don’t say too much. I believe that this is a dramatization – it’s a kidnapping, no one believes.

– You said Lyashko, a day not working in Commerce, pointed out a million dollars. Not funny?

– Funny. When people vote for actors instead of politicians, populists, their fate is to live in shit.

What do you think of e-returns?

– I think it’s fine for companies. In General, all officials, deputies have to declare their income and, most importantly, their costs.

– You’re jealous of rich officials?

– I then immediately said that we have eight to nine people in BP who honestly wrote in the Declaration that they have. And the rest was divided into two columns shameless liars. Some wrote what they have, and others lied, that’s all they have. When I see how the NAB is trying to put Nasirov, Martynenko, I understand that, most likely, the NABOO are the same as those whom they are trying to plant. If you fight corruption, it cannot be waged with one corrupt. It is necessary to enclose BP barbed wire, to pick up all of the passport and one to release. Here Leshchenko impossible to produce because this thing has spent far more than earned. However, he thinks we are morons. People see corruption from anyone, except myself, and that’s the problem. Yanukovych covered Zakharchenko directly to the flight because “its not pass”. We all understand that Leshchenko scoundrel who did not pay taxes. And Zalishchuk place more abruptly than Leshchenko.

Why “Euro-optimists” are you calling “eurovanille”?

– Because they were the first to say that they will not cover their Leshchenko, Zalishchuk, Nayem – “you disgrace expel”. There are simple human decency, courage.

– How many Ukrainian politicians and journalists sit on the Western grants?

– I think that politicians do not sit on the grants, and there the story is more complicated. Before the party has always paid for voting not to live for one salary? All the schemes of Yanukovych are still working. When NABU tries to do it all – I say it’s “rape” of common sense, because they Nasirov behave to Nasirov won the courts. Maybe they share? They legally are so ignorant that they judge it not for the schemes that operate now, and the article where he is right.

Today the power crisis. Maybe some new faces will save power? What do you think about Rabinowitz?

– Rabinovich is a “wonderful” man, who sat down for fraud in Soviet times, then sat in Durkee, otmazyvatsya. If the vote is only for him, Savchenko and Yanukovych! Looking at the situation I realize that probably in the next election, we, Ukrainians, will choose between the Jews, and I will vote for smart. E., Rabinovich has no chance. As soon as people vote in the election for some kind of financial incentive, as soon as he sells his vote, he becomes, automatically, worse than the most vile, the most disgusting politician, because he’s public enemy # 1. Our voters do not respect themselves when voting for any benefits.

– You’re still not ready for policy?

– We with you already long been ripe for the policy. But the motivation was probably to show that these people coming to the podium, no relation to the fate of the country mostly do not have. This is purely a commercial “cover” business. There are no politicians.

– Are you going to BP?

For me the question is – with whom? If the best thing there is Nayem, Leshchenko and zalishchuk, what for to go?

– Why are you always hanging out in BP?

– First of all, it’s a club of my collectors. It’s the people who buy my work. Then, there are the most interesting people in the country. This is something that, unfortunately, in our country the best. Because the best we have in the country.

– You still have time to draw?

– Time. And sculpt. I don’t know how to relax – I don’t know how to do nothing. For me this is the worst punishment.

– Come on, I killed O. Elderberry?

I feel sorry for his mom, his daughter, and I do not mind. The elder really wanted to understand how fame can be turned into money. He really wanted to become rich, but couldn’t do it and it suffered. He was very notorious for this.

– We will improve the life? In Ukraine it will be good to live?

– Some people made that up as I have and you. So she was adjusted and the rest – always check any information. Listen to all, but nobody will listen. Critical thinking is what a drop will grow in our country, and then we will live in a normal country. We have accumulated a mass of people, critical thinking. People who don’t say they want to live differently, and do something in order to live differently.

Thank you for your time.