During exams for driving licences will be introduced video recording

The head of the Main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Crickley said 112.ua what innovations are waiting for Ukrainian drivers, whether it is necessary and urgent to change the driver’s license and why I want to introduce a video recording of the process of passing the law

What is a service center of the Ministry of interior?

Idea service center of the Ministry of interior to have a single place where a citizen can get the maximum list of administrative services that was previously provided to a registration authority and the interior Ministry. This registration/re-registration of vehicles, and services related to getting driver’s licenses, and exams that precede their receipt, and certificate of good conduct, which we launched this year. We will expand the list of services. For us the service centers of the Ministry of internal Affairs is a brand new concept, not just a change of signs.

All these services can be obtained in a transparent office, we have gone from a Cabinet system and queues, we have e-queue thought all the technological and social facilities. In the service centers of the Ministry of interior work competent and trained staff, many of whom are new. Updating the state was due to the internship program is a huge project, the possibility of employment in Ukraine. We even joke that we have a gender disparity in the result set. According to statistics on the internship 70 percent of applicants were women.

Why such a disparity!?

First, it is now not law enforcement agencies, and the service provided by the employee. We have good working conditions. And really quite a different approach to the question of finding personnel. We important motivated employees, we have announced free access to apply for the internship program in the service center of the Ministry of interior in Ukraine. It so happened that a lot of girls were among the comers, they showed good results in the competitions after training and are very responsible attitude to work. And by the way, our core visitor, and it’s mostly men, this inequality is very pleasing.

What are the results of the year’s work and plans for the future?

If to speak about results that have been achieved so far is the elimination of corruption document bill of sale, now we have centers issue free contract of purchase and sale, launched the work of registers of registered vehicles, we have updated the service center 23, the Ministry of interior in Ukraine (in total 150 centres – approx. author), has launched 20 mobile service centers of the Ministry of interior – cell cars, which are held registration in remote communities, also introduced photographs of the mandatory technical inspection, conducted its first online discussion of the new test tickets SDA and from 1 July we launched a new test SDA for passing the theoretical exam and test your knowledge and prepare now, you can test the online version on the website hsc.gov.ua

What is the fundamental difference of the new examination tests from the previous one?

We have radically changed the testing system. Previously, it was formed examination fees, each of which already approved 20 questions. These issues could be non-core categories, for example, how about a motorcycle or passenger transport, and freight and passenger. As a result of our reforms are now in line with only one category of rights, which the driver passes the exam, they updated and there is no more logical errors. Each individual set of questions that the system selects randomly in order. The next stage in terms of exams – we will have a introduction photo – and video recording of process of examinations both in theory and (more priority) in the practical part. The machines are equipped with special video recorders. Accordingly, the decision of the examiner can be challenged. In this case, will be convened by the Commission.

A driver’s license. Many discuss the new standards according to EU. Explain whether you will have to change right?

I want to clarify: the law is not retroactive, so nobody will have to run to change the law. If we are talking about Ukraine, then, by and large, we can use any, even the oldest sample of the driving license, which is perpetual, and no in this part of the problem. If we are talking about traveling to the EU countries should follow the norms of international law (Vienna Convention on international traffic). And it is clearly written that after 2011 driver’s license must carry information about the expiry date. That is, licences that are issued for 30 years for the categories A and B, you can travel to EU countries. They are now issued.

With regard to the EU standards. There is an EU Directive that is valid in the framework of the Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. This guideline is Advisory in nature. The Directive tells us that non-professional driver’s license categories (A and B) driver’s license needs to be changed every 10-15 years. By occupational category – C and D every 5 years. Primarily, this implies that drivers will be required to confirm physical health status. Because we have a very sad statistic – about 5 thousand deaths each year. With this need to do something. You need to do a medical examination is not fictitious, as is often now purchase a “fake” reference, and to simplify the procedure for passing the examination along with the introduction of electronic registers.

We also want the licence is more secure, because in the future do we propose to introduce to the chip. This will complicate the forgery of a document. Plus this chip will give a number of other benefits: faster check-in, information. We believe it is necessary to raise the status of driver’s license, bring it to an internal passport. But again, in the case of innovation citizens did not suddenly have to change.

How much to change driving licence?

At the moment – 201 UAH + Bank Commission. The amount is very small, everything is available at cost. You can also find information about all the services on the website hsc.gov.ua to get consultation by phone (044) 290-19-88.

Really, it’s quite inexpensive!

At the time, very strange calculated the cost: it is not laid logistics costs for salaries. That is, all associated costs borne by the public institution not included and will be covered from the state budget. As a result, we have social injustice. Explain. Not everyone has a vehicle and a driver’s licence, respectively, do not use our services. While more affluent segments of the population, which recorded more often, preregistered, change of drivers license do it in fact at the expense of lower-income strata of the population, which, in fact, pay for the possibility that they got it all at a very low price. We have today some of the lowest prices in Europe, and some administrative services in the world.

That is the price you need to raise?

We have a bill that we will propose that this social injustice is a little to align. Specifically while I will not articulate.

You have introduced recently taking photographs of the mandatory technical inspection of vehicles. What are the results and what do you expect?

Today there is no mandatory inspection for all vehicles.

But there is a mandatory technical inspection of vehicles, which applies to passenger cars, which are responsible for the transportation of passengers and goods (taxi), buses, specialized vehicles which transport dangerous freights. Our innovation of photographic images was implemented first in order to overcome a fictitious engineering controls – this was a huge problem.

Previously absent control, all organizations THAT are dumping, the market fell to the lowest in terms of cost, it came down to selling papers. The protocols on compulsory of tekhkontrol corny was sold, it was possible even to order via the Internet, it cost little money, 300-400 hryvnia. Now the situation is corrected. Through the first months of work of the photographic images we were able to suspend the activities of 50 of 300-350 real working actors. Many thought that it won’t work, started tinkering, playing with photoshop, all thought it was a joke, another technical decision and no one to watch it will not. But when convinced that we are this process is actually begun heeding, had a change of heart. As a result, we expect that there will be more roadworthy vehicles on the roads.

Data on compulsory technical control available to the police and is a convenient tool of control of transport, which at the moment has not passed quality control, but continues to operate road infrastructure.

How do you think the inspection for all cars is back?

This question we engaged in the Ministry of Infrastructure, and their position is a mandatory inspection for all the vehicle. I believe that Yes, it is. Why? We have a lot of defective dangerous vehicles. And if you watch by accident, as a rule, such machines are also often involved in accidents, and often resonant. I believe that this information needs to get into the registry. And in the future it will be in road service and the police.

If you are preparing some innovations for the taxi market?

We are now actively pursuing with the Ministry of Infrastructure. They are the competent authority in that sphere of activity. The current legislation does not provide for mandatory re-registration of those engaged in passenger transportation. As a result, we see that cars today can carry a sack of potatoes tomorrow – passengers. They do not pass technical inspection, that is, the transport may be faulty. So, firstly, will make the appropriate changes to the legislation to have a legal taxi market. This applies to both taxi and passenger inter-urban and interregional traffic. And secondly, we give a number of preferences, because those who are engaged in passenger transportation, there can be extra benefits in the boarding-alighting of passengers, stop at signs, lanes for public traffic. However, it is still in the process of discussion and testing. The license for taxi now costs little money, so costs for those engaged in passenger transportation, with virtually no responsibility.

For anybody not a secret that in civilized countries there is no such thing as “rooks”, stop “with his hands” a taxi is impossible, for it is fine. And we have taxi service at best registered as an individual entrepreneur. And most importantly – the machines themselves very often in a bad technical condition, and in recent times, even foreign license plates.

Interviewed By Tatiana Svyatenko