As soon as the opportunity arises, will file his candidacy for head of the SBU or MIA

Former Deputy Kyiv mayor Irena Kilchytska in interview to the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” told about how he worked in the KGB, taken any bribes during the robots in the city hall, about his attitude to Vitali Klitschko and the readiness of the head of the SBU

Gordon: “Gordon” and today my guest is the former Deputy Kyiv mayor Irena Kilchytska.

You worked in the KGB. You calabardina or KaHaBcleaning?

Kilchytska: worked for the KGB are very decent people – patriots, intellectuals who have had the principles, the interests of defending the homeland. And does not compare with what is now, unfortunately, our SBU – basically, personal enrichment, and not the protection of the interests of the country.

– What were you doing at the KGB?

I was head of the criminal office – secret part. Printed reports of agents, engaged in clerical work. Though gone for decades, I have moral reasons not to disclose what I was doing.

– Police General Kulikov said that in the KGB you worked as a prostitute…

– …officially? There was such a position?

– …as evidenced by the film “Prostitutes in the service of the KGB,” where you starred with Mikhail Kazakov and A. Konchalovsky. What did he mean by that?

– Not the worst company. First, Kulikov is not a General. Second, indeed, was the documentary “In bed with the KGB.” Addressed to me from Moscow in February. Then I just gave birth to a daughter, and my mother died. I was in a bad physical and mental condition, and they waited for me two months came in April, a film crew NTV. I didn’t like to be called a movie, what this movie is about. They said they just make a movie about how people worked in the KGB. And so I agreed. Then I got a call Chernovetsky said that I starred in and admitted that I have engaged in sexual recruitment of foreign agents. Such a position in the KGB was not, and those who did it, in the workbook such record had not. I said what I did in the KGB, as I wanted to be promoted to high-level officer, but I was told that women in the KGB, never to General will not make. After my interview just showed an excerpt from the movie “Interdevochka”, where the main character comes to the hotel. I am very proud that I starred in a movie with M. Kazakov and A. Konchalovsky.

– So you had sex for the recruitment of people working in the KGB?

Definitely not, because if I did, then I’d definitely be hidden, I was working in KGB.

– You’re seven years worked in the “Praveksbank”. Keep the money in the Bank Ukrainians is not harmful?

– Now – dangerous, strongly recommended, because the national Bank is dishonest work in relation to commercial banks and indirectly in relation to depositors, borrowers, etc.

– What to store money?

– Accurately in three-liter jar. As well as in foreign currencies, in real estate. By the way, now is a good time to invest in real estate, because now she is at the bottom.

When you were Deputy mayor while working a young team, bribes you took?

Never. The first entry in the workbook I had in the 16 years I worked in the people’s court. Then I worked in the military Prosecutor of the Kiev garrison, and then in the KGB. After that I worked in the Kiev military a free Secretary of the Komsomol Committee. Of the court and Prosecutor’s office, I left because there was a small salary, so I went into Commerce. I have a prosecutorial and investigative specialization – I graduated from law faculty of Kiev University. In Soviet times the level of many vocational schools was higher than the level of today’s universities. At the time of bribes did not take – took sprats, spirits, sausage, because everything was in short supply.

– Is it true that when Yanukovych became President in 2010, he demanded the mayor of Kiev L. Chernovetsky billion dollars?

True. We had not only Enakievo Baroque, but iron and the banking system and the economy. Former Chairman of the SBU reported to the AP that I’m worth 100 million dollars, which is about as much I have. And from this sum they thought, but who needs to bring Yanukovych. It made me very happy. I said I was ready to return from 100 million 99% – let me leave 1%. They believed that Chernovetsky has allegedly stolen billions, but because we all had 10%, according to their calculations, I am 100 million.

– You wanted to put?

– All the time. Yanukovych personally – no. I seem to have sent government telegrams and bouquets of flowers. Since all this was done through the Protocol office, the entourage of Yanukovych, fearing this kind of attention to my address, have inspired him I unrestrained, not quite mentally normal. A big thank you to them for that, because I would have had 46 years to teach “poetry” by Chekhov.

– Who you wanted to plant?

– Head up. I don’t even want to be called that nasty name. Now she sits in Parliament, but I hope that someday she will be in prison.

– Is it true that you’re the only one who enjoyed the full confidence of L. Chernovetsky?

– No. He taught me criminology at the University. But other than that, I had very famous teachers. International law read to me A. A. Chaly. In the Soviet period to all law schools 80% of the textbooks were written by professors of the Kiev state University. As for trust, that Leonid did not trust anyone, even yourself, on the one hand, and on the other hand, he had the people he heard, but of those people I was the one who told him everything. When we worked in a Bank, it is very happy, because I was engaged in the loans issued by the Bank. I had to warn about all the risks.

– Are you missing today Chernovetsky?

– I communicate with him. He gave me a lot learned a lot.

– What is your relationship with O. Dovgy?

We’re from very different generations. We have always had some controversy. Oles of people in office respect more than people not in office. When I meet them (rarely, randomly), we hug, we kiss.

– V. Klitschko as mayor of Kyiv do you like?

– Like. There are times when safety is the Prime concern. Something better not to finish than to do. I think that any great harm to the city during this time was not caused. It is impossible to compare the work of Klitschko as the mayor of any mayor, because Ukraine is in such conditions, and Kiev in such a voltage with refugees, social programs, roads, hospitals. Klitschko to many questions does not intervene. He surrounded himself with management, and city hall is open, issues are resolved.

– On the square you came out on 1 December 2013 in a fur coat with a Ukrainian wreath on his head. Why?

– Came about because I never considered myself a redneck. Believed that it is necessary to put point – was overreact. In 2010, I voted for Yanukovych, now I will vote for Tymoshenko.

– What you today do not like?

– All the same as other people. Stealing is a crime, a lot of stealing is a business to Rob the people is a great policy. I believe that the war is long it was possible to stop, but war is very big business. That can be attributed to war, then do not check any tenders and no examinations. So a lot of money to bury the war: and in medicine, and in the roads, and Finance.

– Corruption we have today more than before the Maidan?

More. Previously, you had something somewhere to bring and resolve the issue. Today, many people are afraid to take, and to decide free do not want. Therefore, if you decide to charge such amounts that cannot be transferred.

Today many of the MPs accused of corruption. These deputies will be next?

– There is also O. Dovgy I personally know of Rosenblatt. He and his son are clients of “PRAVEX”. They are very rich. Touch just anyone with money. Murder Sheremet nobody investigates, only touch those with whom it is possible to get something. There is such thing as the rule of law, as the law is not retroactive. Now we are talking about the fact that if Olesya will attract to criminal liability for Zhukov island, which is illegal, will be legal collapse. Any law that is enacted for 25 years, can be withdrawn.

– Deputies against whom they want to prosecute, will be sitting?

– I think not. It’s just political advertising, PR bubble.

Is it true that as Vice-President, “Praveksbank”, you’ve officially got 100 thousand dollars a month?

Yes. And didn’t want to go to the town hall.

Now business are you in?

– I’m always doing something. But now I am on maternity leave.

– Are you a rich man?

I’m not a poor man.

One of the machines you have is 0.5 million dollars. You are not ashamed in a country where war, to ride on such a machine?

– I am not ashamed – I’m proud of it. Sitting in the car, I gave this year to the state of Ukraine UAH 3 million in taxes. Officially! I have such a big family alone. That gave the other: the first, second and so on .d. the head of state? I wish Ukraine had more people that will pay such taxes.

Is it true that you bought an entire collection of jewelry by J. Kennedy?

– First, don J. Kennedy, and K. onasis, and secondly, not the whole collection, and part.

Are you coming to bed at nine and rise at five in the morning?

Yes. I do very much charity work. I help women, single mothers who raise children with disabilities. In addition, I was involved in personally, I am attracted to other women, business lady.

– You have four children. Who their fathers are, how old they are?

– Monica – 10 years, Mark – 9, Mathilde and Marcel – 2 years. Their fathers were men. Mark’s father was a Frenchman, and the fathers of girls – citizens of Ukraine.

Is it true that you fought for N. Shufrych with a very influential woman?

– No, I can not say. Nestor is a good guy, but we don’t talk to him. And I never fought. I believe that there is that of the man I’d fought.

You got children?

– As God wills.

Having such a character, independence, money, a hard man to find?

– I never looked. I don’t have time to do it.

– Can you ever lead a SBU or MIA?

– Is necessary. As soon as the opportunity arises – I’ll file his candidacy for the contest.

– Ie today you still want to return to politics?

– I still will return with time. A couple of years. The children grow up, and all will be well.

– Ukraine 4 years after the end of the Maidan, in your opinion, is lost?

Lost, definitely. And not only time, but also the territory, human life, a lot of things.

– Who is to blame?

– The people. The election runs the cult – she gives money to, soldering. It worked before Chernovetsky, and buckwheat attributed Chernovetsky. Immediately after the independence I went to the city Council elections and dared anyone to offer anything in terms of Finance, moral reasons. I learned that and how much cost in many areas, and very upset that people did not make any conclusions.

– Ukraine has hope?

– There is always hope. Someone from the great said that if you have bad means, not the end – always end well. Wait and work hard to ensure it was all good.

– Thank You, Irene.

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