Andrew Wilson: In the United States already has a plan for Ukraine, the main thing that it was approved by trump

Andrew Wilson – Professor of Ukrainian studies at University College London and a senior fellow for policy in the European Council on foreign relations knows a lot about Ukraine. He has written several books about the conflict in the Donbass, was in Kiev during revolution of dignity in 2014. In interview to TV channel “112 Ukraine” Wilson shared his expectations from the visit of Petro Poroshenko to Washington and his talks with Donald trump

Today Petro Poroshenko will meet with trump, and that the American counterpart will see Ukrainian President faster than the Russian, whose position is stronger?

– Actually, neither Ukraine nor Russia. There are fears that Russia may become the best friend of trump. The British Prime Minister showed it well and it didn’t end with anything good. Although, it does make some sense.

We saw before that, as Klimkin came literally at the same time with Laurel. Trump is so unpredictable that it’s just good to be with him in the same room. That is, just being in Washington is a good thing. Ukraine has many friends in America and in the Senate, and in Congress.

Creating an image that trump has no favorites, for trump will be much easier then to meet with Putin, before meeting with Poroshenko. It would look inappropriate if they first meeting with Putin. And that’s the irony that after Poroshenko Trump will be easier to see with Putin.

– Do you think that the administration trump has already prepared a plan for Ukraine?

Professionals – Yes, I think you do. Importantly, the plan was approved and accepted by trump.

– Ukraine even now are able to offer a new plan, or simply accept suggested?

– Trump is not just unpredictable, it is also unprofessional. It is completely disorganized. Both options you mentioned are actually ways to cope with the disorganization, the confusion in the state tip.

The initiative is on Ukraine, of course, should come from professionals: national security Council, the state Department, where a lot of good people, of course, in tandem with Ukraine. What can come out of such consultations, we do not know, do not see a specific plan. Partly because it’s difficult decisions. We have no magic wand, which would easily decided, a long-term problem.

To force trump to subscribe to a good policy is only the beginning of the process because of its commitment to the implementation of this policy can become a big problem.

– Is it possible trilateral talks Ukraine – USA – Russia?

Now is the time to ask such questions, offering new formats. Why not? The question is, how will this be coordinated with other formats, whereas, for example, the European position is that the sanctions attached to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. Maybe it was a mistake, and sanctions should be clearly associated with response to Russian aggression? Ilovaysk and debaltseve was the formal response in the form of additional sanctions towards Russia. But, we have a position that is. The main thing – to coordinate all these processes.

– What is the real reason that the US will ever join any format of negotiations on Donbas?

– That is, what America? Any American government has a strategic goal to improve the format, because he’s obviously not dynamic, he is stuck, he is not bound. There are specific reasons for trump, who doesn’t want to show that he plays favorites. This is all happening against the backdrop of what is still happening investigation of the scandal concerning the possibility of financing the election campaign trump of Russia. Again, met with Lavrov and then with the EU. It’s all a public demonstration of impartiality. And all this can be the motive for States considered the possibility of a new format.

Communicated Elina Beketova