The price of gas slowly decrease

For the period from 5 to 6 September, retail prices for liquefied gas in the networks of Ukrainian filling stations decreased in the national average gas prices dropped by 7 kopecks/l to 15.82 UAH/liter. About this enkorr reported by the Consulting group A-95.

In the networks of the SOCAR and AMIC autogas fell by 20 kopecks/liter and 17 kopecks/liter, to 15.99 UAH/liter and of 15.67 UAH/liter, respectively. 22 kop/l the price of LPG decreased by stations SUN OIL and Mango.

In addition, 3-7 kopecks/liter autogas fell in networks of Shell, BRSM-Nafta, avias, Ukrnafta, and in the Zaporozhye network ZOG autogas fell to 16.09 UAH/liter (- 40 kopecks/l). 40 kopecks/liter LPG also fell in the network of bars 2000.

Recall that the price adjustment of the petrol began on 31 August. Then some of the network stations lowered the prices by 50 kopecks/liter.