Brienne from “Game of thrones” tells of the sexual energy of the savage of Tormund

British actress Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in the TV series “Game of thrones”, spoke about the horror of in love with her character in wild Tormund performed by Christopher Chivu. Interview with the artist appeared on YouTube channel of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, September 6.

The plot of the series, Tormund is in love with Brienne, what is constantly alludes wild views. “I did not expect that the sexual desire of such power is able to break me from men’s eyes,” shared Kristi.

The actress noted that Chivu is not out of the role after filming that terrifies her in equal measure. “It can start wildly chew a sandwich in front of me as if making love to it, and stare at me. Like lasers from my eyes to let me”, she added.

“Game of thrones” aired on HBO since 2011. The literary basis of the Saga was the series of books “a Song of ice and fire” by George Martin. The seventh, penultimate season ended on August 28.