The voice of Rick in “Rick and Morty” actor tried to play clerics

Actor Justin Royland, voiced by Rick in the animated series “Rick and Morty” tried to play Church pastor Joel Austin, Texas. Video of the prank posted on the YouTube channel H3 Podcast.

Reuland phoned the service to receive prayers. He said the woman, who offered the “leave request” to God. The actor introduced himself to Rick and the voice of a cartoon character said he was ready to make a large cash donation. After that, the woman began to utter inarticulate sounds, that put the artist to a standstill.

“Do you speak any fictional language? What is that, Klingon?” said Reuland. After this he began to imitate the interviewee. She laughed and hung up.

As he wrote in The Telegraph on 4 September, representatives of the companies refused to allow the people seeking refuge during a hurricane “Harvey” at the end of August. It is noted that hall “mega-Church” has 16 thousand seats.

Pastor Austin, faced with criticism after the incident, called on those affected “not to feel sorry for yourself.” He noted that it is not granted anyone asylum during a hurricane because the authorities hadn’t asked.

“Rick and Morty” is released in December 2013. The plot — the fantastic adventures of a scientist and alcoholic Rick and his diffident grandson Morty.