People wish not to elect fools to the authorities. And not only Ukrainians

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk in the air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”
said that it means the independence of Ukraine, should we expect that the US will give Ukraine a weapon, and why between Ukraine and Poland, a new round of tension

Now some German politicians claim that the issue of Crimea should be postponed until the issue is resolved Donbass? How do you assess such statements: it is the position of individual politicians or of the West?

Kravchuk: There is a philosophical formula – transcendental empiric. If the Germans told me to defer for a year or two and why to delay – I would have commented. And so I can’t call it differently than the transcendental empiric, or political ignorance of the German who said it – I don’t want to comment on it. It’s indecent not the Germans have to deal with us Ukraine, what to defer and what not to defer. This should solve the Ukrainians, because they suffer from the fact that we have made mistakes, they suffer from the fact that we were saving for tomorrow, instead of today do. We were saving everything we could and could not, because either could not, or would not. Now on the threshold of the twenty-sixth anniversary, and it was time (even passed) to tell everyone the truth, including the Germans.

– From the US, you can expect that they will give Ukraine a weapon? Will it help us to solve the issue of the occupied territories?

– I was hoping that the US will not be so attentive to Ukraine – wrong everything. We can see how Republican and democratic party, as President trump, sitting in a chair in the White house, very differently looked, and on its own responsibility and responsibility to the global problems in the world. Already provide such assistance and we will provide more. The representative of the United States, now responsible for Ukraine, said clearly that in the Donbas there is a frozen conflict, a real war. From myself I will add that it is not just a real war, and the philosophy, the ideology of the war against Ukraine, which is Russia. And it consists of three parts. First, Putin relies on the decision of the Federal Assembly. It is a document. Second, Putin relies on the Church, which has declared a single religious site, which includes Ukraine, and wrapped it all in specific forms of aggression. Or will it be a point, or hybrid, or subversive – but this is a real war. We need on the eve of Independence Day to unite and expel a variety of ways the enemy from the land of Ukraine.

– Now the anniversary of the invasion of Russia to Georgia. Do you think there is any chance of a full-scale war in Ukraine? Is Ukraine ready for such a scenario?

– Each person may go crazy. But I don’t believe that Putin can be so crazy to start a large-scale war against Ukraine. It will be the end of life “single, large, indivisible” as they say, Russia and, above all, Putin himself. I don’t believe it. I believe that common sense or the forces that surround the President of Russia, will say to him: “Stop, as this may be the beginning of your personal end.”

– If you remember the early years of independence, the allies in the West have been higher than it is now?

– Had a lot of allies, but they did not yet know the Ukraine as they do now. Not yet supported Ukraine in the embrace until he heard, not seen people, and beyond, other become difficult. During these 26 years, Ukraine was seen by millions of people. There have been many steps that have allowed people to hold us in his arms.

– The question of the nuclear status for us is already closed, or Ukraine will be able to pick it up?

– I think that is closed and what is closed. The nuclear issue is not a question today of Ukraine. This is a global issue. If we talk about specific nuclear actions of Ukraine, if can make a nuclear bomb, North Korea, and the Ukraine. But the question arises – for what? We can use nuclear weapons? I am convinced – no! Never, under any circumstances. In the center of Europe is Ukraine with a nuclear bomb… So my suggestion is every day to seek diplomatic, political ways. And people wish not to elect fools to the authorities. And not only Ukrainians – and everyone else.

– Between Ukraine and Poland, a new round of tension in connection with the new project of the passport. What do you think, in the foreign policy is some new accents to do in Poland?

– The more we do of emphasis on Poland, the more they become “honorabili pans”. Is they have in nature. I think they need to look at themselves than us. And to study its history better than our own. His we are studying. And if they have a reason, and I believe in it, I was born in Poland, they do it enough (if not those who came to power today, it will come) that relations with Ukraine were better. I would like to ask some of the leaders of Poland, now, when Ukraine is in a serious condition, when the aggression becomes apparent and not only to Ukraine but also to Poland. I don’t think that the poles do not read the statements of the Russians, claiming the restoration of the Imperial borders of Russia and the Imperial borders of Russia is Poland. What they don’t remember the plane crash of Kaczynski? What do they lack? I think that this is done under the influence of the “Kazatchkov” that are actively used by Russia. Now we have to wait and see what it will be for the passport. I don’t believe he will. What I’ve read, is kind of nonsense. The political balancing act that wants someone to say: “Sit” – and to stand and how to sit – sit down. I suggest that the poles do not sit, stand on his feet.

– Given the events that occurred over 26 years in the Ukraine, what you mean the independence of Ukraine?

I saw another life, other relationships in society. I saw life, when a person does not have the right not only to live as he wants and to say. For me independence is when we make mistakes, losing life, when a war of aggression, when hunger, poverty, we still say that we are building going forward. Here in Europe took a step, somewhere stopped – again do. For me independence is freedom, democracy is the right to live the way he wants. The government need to choose for yourself, to protect him and, if necessary, to give his life both for parents and for the state.

Thank you.