Finance news you need to know today

During this time, the Australian dollar is sharply higher and well above 80 cents US while the greenback weakened after the European Central bank failed to announce a tapering of its bond-purchase program. The local currency was trading at 80.46 US cents at 0700 AEST on Friday, from 79.85 on Thursday.


WASHINGTON, DC — the President, Donald Trump, and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer have agreed to work toward a permanent repeal of the nation’s debt ceiling, the Washington Post reports.

FRANKFURT — The European Central Bank will consider following the next month for the reassembly of its program of monetary stimulus after saying it expects the euro area economy to grow this year at its fastest pace in 10 years.

The CITY of NEW YORK — Shares of Walt Disney Co and Comcast Corp have dropped after Disney warned of the stagnation of incomes and the number of a cable operator, Comcast forecast more subscriber losses.

The CITY of NEW YORK — is looking for a location to build its second headquarters in North America, which would have cost more than $US5 billion ($A6.2 billion euros) and of the house up to 50,000 employees.

LONDON — Jaguar Land Rover says all new vehicles will be at least partially electrified by 2020.

The CITY of NEW YORK — Apple, the new iPhone has hit production problems at the beginning of its production process and that can lead to supply shortfalls and delays in shipment to the suite of its launch next week, the Wall Street Journal.

LONDON — the alcohol industry uses the denial, distortion, and distraction to fool people on the risks of developing cancer from drinking, often employing tactics similar to those of the tobacco industry, a study says.


RETAIL TRADE — The strain of low wages growth and rising electricity bills on household budgets has led to a pause in retail spending growth in July.

The CONSTRUCTION of the IA — A drop in a building soaked overall construction activity in August, although the sector continues to grow, due to major engineering projects and the construction of the house.

TRADE Australia’s trade surplus has fallen to its lowest level in three months, weighed down by a decline in shipments of LNG and the decrease in gold exports.

SANTOS — Santos and its joint venture partners in the Gladstone LNG project in Queensland have agreed to divert about 30 petajoules of gas in the domestic market, in an effort to ward off the government export curbs.

ADMINISTRATION of the CROP — Just two percent of the members of the board of directors in the top 200 companies listed on the stock exchange are culturally diverse women, indicating a gender and the culture chasm exists in the higher echelons of the Australian business, new research shows.

SIGMA — Pharmacies and drug supplier Sigma Health care has added another company to the group, the determination of the administrator of Medication Packaging Systems (MPS), as it strives to become a larger health care company.

GALENA — Lead and silver miner Galena Mining has made an appearance on the Australian share market, whose shares are up 15% in early trading.