Alpina D5 S – 322bhp diesel due to the in saloon and estate forms

Alpina launches in sedan and wagon versions of its D5 S diesel at the Frankfurt motor show this month – and it has released new images in the run-up to the event.

The D5-S has been fine-tuned for the UK, with sharper handling and a lighter set-up than the European versions. In order to meet the UK’s narrow, pot plants, roads, the model has shed 100kg thanks to the use of a twin-turbo 3.0-Liter inline-six-cylinder-in contrast to a triple-turbo version offered on the continent.

Alpina GB said, it prioritizes these more nimble set-up, the extra grunt offered with European cars. The lighter D5 S produces 322bhp and 516lb ft, the 60bhp and 74lb ft down on Euro-spec cars.

But the UK D5 S, the brand’s Integral active steering as standard. The four-wheel-steering system is said to increase low-speed maneuverability and high-speed agility, with Alpina CEO Andreas Bovensiepen claimed that it makes the D5’s “to make you feel like a 3-series” size car.

It is also a UK specific Alpina Dynamic Drive electro-mechanical, anti-roll technology, which allows the use of softer cushioning to absorb shock, but minimizes the side inclination in curves. The car is on the same 20-inch Alpina Classic wheels than their European cousins.

All four wheels are driven via an eight-speed ZF transmission, with a quoted 0-62mph time of 4.9 sec and a top speed of 171mph. This makes the D5-S-reach-six-tenths faster to 62mph than the BMW, the fastest oil-burning 5-series, 530d xDrive, and 16mph faster than the car is limited to terminal velocity. The D5-S is also claimed 46.3 mpg and emits 161g/km of CO2.

The car is wrapped with nappa leather seats with 20-way adjustability and a 205w 12-loudspeaker sound system. Externally, the design is identical to the B5 – its 600 HP-gasoline-brothers and sisters (in the picture).

Prices has not yet been confirmed, but the D5’s is expected to start at about £62,000. This is just shy of £10,000 more than BMW the sportiest diesel 530d, xDrive, M Sport, but the Alpina will be produced in much smaller numbers.