There is nothing wrong with that volunteer in war makes money

“Right sector” are fighting in the Donbass in 2014. But in 2015, the organization was split, there was created the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, headed by Dmitry Yarosh. Why did the UDA, which caused a rift between the former leaders of the DUC and at that claim Jaros? To these and other questions were answered by the chief of staff of the UDA Sokol

– How did you get into the ranks of the “Right sector” and become the person close to Dmitry Yarosh?

– I am a soldier by profession, so I just couldn\’t stay away from tragic events. Especially because my son is with his friends in the summer of 2014 also went to the zone ATO. Coming to Yarosh, offered him their services. I was assigned to the people responsible for logistics, food security. Was introduced daily accounting personnel with combatant writing notes. Then there was guard and inspection service and so on.

– What preceded the split in the “Rightsohms sector”?

– A lot of factors. All who supported Dmitry Yarosh, have a firm stance that the priority is victory over the enemy and the liberation of the occupied territories. Weapons must stay where it should be on the front line, and not, as in the case in Mukachevo.

Those who remained in the SS, have an opinion. They believe that the first priority is the fight against the regime of internal occupation, the existing power, which in our view will weaken our position at the front.

– How did you react to all these events, ordinary soldiers and commanders DUK?

Each then made his choice, no one then no one was forced to make a choice. So, for example, 1 assault company of the 5th OBAT seceded from the battalion. Acts for the shows they got their belongings and weapons and left the FPD battalion.

– Many people note that the split in the “Right sector” led to the weakening of the nationalist position?

– I do not think so. Each chose their own path. The goal remains one – a fight against the invader. But now we have iron discipline. We have established a number of rules. Non-compliance with those we have forgiven. A volunteer is not someone who voluntarily came and said: “I Want to do or don\’t do”, and those who have voluntarily agreed to comply with the rules and relevant orders.

We pay too much attention to military training. Has launched a Training centre where volunteers are trained and combat coordination. Due to this have a very low percentage of losses.

– A big problem on the front is alcoholism. As you have this problem?

– We have established very rigid rules. Non-compliance that has no place in UDA. We are volunteers. Why come to the front and to drink alcohol, and then for him to die? Although, truth be told, there were cases of alcohol consumption. Such people were sent home.

– How is true information about getting your soldiers wages?

– All right. Only we call it material aid. The leadership of the UDA and appropriate services in order to get some funds for those who are fighting. Thanks to not indifferent people and entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to help them financially. There are a number of politicians in Ukraine who are not indifferent to the fate of the soldiers of the UDA. Therefore, every person who signed our contract, may receive financial assistance. If this is not possible, then, respectively, receive nothing. Depending on the position this help ranges from 5000 UAH.

Many people, especially former colleagues with CRF, telling you that you are volunteers. Like, the last fight for free, they don\’t need the money.

– It is absurd. What is wrong is when a volunteer can send his family some money? We have such that for more than three years in the war. Where they have to take money? There are those who come for a short time, for them such help is not needed.

– How is the cooperation with the APU? Who negotiates fighting positions for units?

– Dmitry Yarosh, adviser to the chief of the General staff of Ukraine on cooperation with volunteer groups. There is agreement, if the APU units need strengthening, then we provide it. Plus our medical unit “Hospitallers” are constantly involved. During its inception they have assisted and conducted the evacuation of approximately 2,500 people.

All our actions are coordinated with the leadership of the ATO and are held in cooperation with APU. In case of danger for our soldiers, we make the decision yourself, because the life of the guys we have in the first place.

– The situation in UDA stabilized. It attracts new volunteers?

Yes. We have created a new training center where the guys without military experience have the opportunity to obtain it. And the men who fought, are fighting the settlement. There are even some figures. Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk region have given us recently about a hundred men. People feel that they are cared for, financially and socially, so willingly join our ranks. We are also engaged in military-Patriotic education of youth. For children from 14 to 18 years organized a summer camp where they get the title of “Young Volunteer”. Well educated youth in the spirit of patriotism – the key to a healthy country.

– What happens to the guys who already won? They get some help from you in the future?

– Each region has a headquarters and focal points, which if necessary can contact our volunteers. Our social Department deals with all the fighters as UDA, and DUK.

In 17 areas at the level of regional administration volunteers recognized by the participants of the ATO. There are volunteers received certification and are enjoying the benefits. But I am sure that we will be able to achieve recognition at the level of BP. All the time!

– The status of combatants received a quarter of a million Ukrainians. While the real heroes fought in times less. What can you say about this?

– I know the status of LPP received from the people who have only seen war on TV. People who are located on the third, the second line of defense. This number is constantly increasing. In the future, this ridiculous law will need to change. It is quite impossible to compare any official who has written a trip to Kramatorsk to get benefits, and the soldier, who was in the WCT. It\’s not fair.

– How many members of the UDA is now in the ATO?

– About five hundred people. It no longer makes sense to keep. This is a huge burden on the material and technical part. Experience has shown that we are moving in the right direction. And this number corresponds to our possibilities.

– In your opinion, as a retired Colonel and one of the commanders of the UDA, it is possible with the power of liberation of Donbass?

– Of course. Level allows the army to conduct a military operation to liberate the occupied territories. But it all comes down to the fact that nobody knows how will behave in Moscow in case of occurrence of the Ukrainian troops. Because we all know that huge forces of the Russians, which at times exceed the size of the armed forces, are in Belarus, and the borders of Donetsk region. We need to work in the political direction. Donbass in this form are not necessary to Putin. It is all looted, trashed. Such of the territories of their set. Donetsk and Lugansk regions needed for political pressure on Europe and the world. Therefore, political negotiation is also important.

– What nearest plans of Dmitry Yarosh?

– Recently on the island of Khortytsya was a big meeting where Dmitry Anatolyevich Yarosh has once again confirmed that we are going to take part in elections at all levels, including presidential.

Talked Mikhail Ohman