I don\’t ride in a stolen car. But for me now the Crimea – as a stolen car

Broadcaster, Director and poet Peter the Magician in interview to the program “Gordon” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said about Transcarpathia, about the modern culture and the stage and that would have told Ani Lorak

Gordon: “Gordon”, and today my guest is a poet, broadcaster, Director and screenwriter Peter Magician.

Good evening. Do you miss your homeland, Transcarpathia? What for you are the Carpathians?

Mage: For me, Transcarpathia is a village of 37 houses. Around Transcarpathia has always been a bit of a lie. When the region seemed to be given the opportunity to choose to be with Soviet Ukraine or not to be, then the people voted to remain part of the Czech Republic, because the Czechs, they fared better. I mad a patriot of Ukraine, but you just have to say that we have a very poor region in terms of work. In Chicago first settled Transcarpathians, because Transcarpathia was always out of work. Now in Transcarpathia-cut an entire forest, because Transcarpathia for me it is a pain.

– What, in your opinion, patriotism and what is nationalism?

– I remember the words of F. Ranevskaya, life is such a thing, long jump: from one place to the grave. We all came from the same womb. We all go in the same hole. I\’ll never tell (in the religious sense) that I\’m better than a Buddhist or Muslim. Also, I never divide people. In my village was 70% of mixed families. I was happy to know different languages. I\’m Hungarian, Slovak can write poetry. I studied at the Hungarian faculty of the theatre Institute.

For what you were handed the letter S. Mikhalkov?

– I started being engaged in Amateur performances very early. We took second place in the Soviet Union among the agitators – the struggle with alcoholism and bureaucracy. It was in Lviv in the House of railroad workers, and we only lost to Muscovites. And I was sent to get a diploma. Mikhalkov said that I need to go to the theater, and I have nothing better to think could not.

– You studied at the theatre Institute. Karpenko-Kary and subsequently worked as an actor in the Chernivtsi theatre. O. Kobylyanska.

– Not only. I worked on the Left Bank, and in the Theatre on Podol. I worked in Chernivtsi theater for seven years, got out outstanding older people, and then found there are terrible times. Salary issued slaughtered pigs.

– If not for such terrible times for the actors, would you have stayed to work as a actor?

– Came a little late, everything has changed, started to play some good stuff. But the power guy just ate and sent in a new Director. I realized that I never left.

– It was hard to reach the top?

– No. For me Kiev is something familiar and soft. It happened thanks to PN. Zibrov, and I\’m glad I have a friend and godfather. When I came to him, it is not enough that he took me away to himself, he put me in the office. Nine months I lived there, and then bought a “dead” flat. Zibrov took me by the hand and took you to all the “parties”. There he introduced me to singers and tell them that I can write good songs. Thanks to him, the period of such “off of provincialism”. I realized very quickly what and how to live, Kiev, and, in fact, the people cooler, so they are easier. Bogdan silvestrovich Stupka after a certain event, which I was, approached me and said that he would like me to do a craniotomy to kiss my brain.

– You\’re the author of many songs by Ukrainian performers. Ukrainian culture, in your opinion, provincial or not?

– In any case. If you look at Russian culture, everything. Over all the advanced arrangements Pugacheva worked Braty hadyukiny. Just our culture is different, and thank God. Why the French aren\’t like anyone else? They are nationalists in a very good sense of the word. And they have quotas. There are songs-terrorists. It\’s terrible. Now these hits remained there, they can\’t penetrate. And I like things that makes A. Mirzoyan. There are so many interesting people. We need to develop their.

Is that Russian singers is not allowed now in Ukraine, has given impetus to development of Ukrainian variety art?

– I think that gave, only I don\’t like it. I believe that the Russian singers as a phenomenon were to disappear after the vote of our people legs. And I assure you that if I came now Sergei Mikhailov, the “Ukraine” would be Packed with people. But there O. Vinnik, a young, interesting, educated Germany, with good songs. For everybody. But women like hall Packed. Had the niche occupied our actors, I am just glad.

– So you would let the Russian artists in Ukraine?

– I would have dealt with those who signed the letter, because I personally sorry for Yuri Bashmet. I was much surprised by Lolita. Where she saw the “Bandera” who beat her mother in the center of Kiev? They are jointly and severally liable with Vladimir Putin. I\’m friends with one President V. A. Yushchenko, and I believe that he was in his place, because he is the only President who shaped the nation. The fact that he was called last words, but anybody didn\’t come the man with the gun is its biggest merit. And the fact that now people mostly feel free, it all began with V. A. Yushchenko. When he was President, I never was near him. When he ceased to be – I began to chat.

– Do the Ukrainian state Patriotic attitude to the Ukrainian artists? Whether the artists to the state?

– Some people are. But in General it is necessary to talk about the overall level. It is very bad. Still we listen to shansonchik.

– Need language quotas on Ukrainian music products?

– Absolutely necessary. 26 years ago, has grown a generation of people who have their children\’s birth. And nothing. I, as someone who studied Russian in school, as a man pathologically literate in the Russian language, can\’t hear, as Kiev speaks Russian. I can\’t hear Lugansk, Donetsk… Our artists while not necessary to our people. For me is a personal insult to that by T. Petrynenko people came to the first concert in the Palace “Ukraine”. T. Petrynenko – amazingly talented man, and he has done a lot for Ukrainian songs.

– How do you feel about Ukrainian singers, who are touring in Russia?

– Once thought: God will judge them. Until I saw, in the village brought the boy, torn diagonally landmine. I went to Moscow, and not just to work, because in such a structure, as “Gazprom”, in the first ten persons five of us. And I was often invited. I was there leading: the Ukrainian language, the embroidery, with jokes about the Muscovites. I was flying back business class, lived in a luxury Suite, and my fee was about 2.5 times more than in Ukraine. But as soon as it started – that is all. Me and the Crimea was called repeatedly, because there were friends, bright, good people. Basic things – on the anniversary to go. But I don\’t ride in a stolen car. But for me now the Crimea – as a stolen car. I can\’t.

– If you\’re meeting with A. Lorak, what will you tell her?

– I\’ve never communicated. I have nothing to say to her. God gave her very good voice, good appearance, and everything else is silent. I have “hurt” Ty, because I know that it is a very good man. At the time, they hit the sweet surrounded by people who all of a sudden they showed that it is possible to live differently. To absolve themselves of responsibility for the fact that Taya was “worth” that much, and then sang with Baskov and the beginning of the “cost” that much because now she is from Moscow acts… But, Hey, we caved in to Moscow?

– Ukraine is all right now?

– No. As for me, corruption rushed rapid streams in the same hands. Ukraine all the time comes on the same rake, because that would carry them. I went to Canada, and for me it was a shock, because Canada is very similar to Ukraine, only renovated. If everyone will be removed in the stairwell, we will have a Canada. There should always be a guy who needs somewhere and someone to lead. I don\’t need a guide. I brought everything in order around itself and created life. Let everyone create their own life, and then the miracle happens.

– What do you think about Ukrainian politics?

– I always compare with the first convening of the Parliament. They fought with the old party nomenklatura, they were moaning with delight when he carried the Ukrainian flag in BP for the first time. There were academics, former political prisoners, teachers. Who now?

– At least some of the Ukrainian politicians do you like?

– For his pragmatism, toughness, ability to organize I like V. I. Baloga. Many say that he is the “boss” of Transcarpathia. Let\’s see what he did there, where he hosts. I love people who coming to the place where nagazheno, immediately begin around themselves to plant flowers. Wherever Balogh came – it starts with the fact that repairs all around. He is a perfectionist.

– Many learned about you for the first time exactly according to the program C. Schuster. You miss him and this program?

– Shuster went home. He\’s writing a book in Italy. I waited until the last moment that something will be restored. I miss him, because he, in essence, a very interesting person. Something unhappy, something happy. Sometimes too hard, but he was never bored. 11 years I\’ve been around. I can\’t say that we were friends and went to each other\’s homes. When he came to visit me, it\’s always funny to end. Once he was a little drunk and bought me a cat for 50 UAH, and the next morning could not understand where he had come from. He\’s the man… a little maladjusted to life. But, in essence, very good, and he is afraid.

– Do you often travel with Kiev “Dynamo” abroad. Is love forever?


– You have a lot of good, bright and intelligent poems, songs.

– That slapped on the head the most is my collaboration with O. Bilozir (“Black flower”, dedicated to the widows). This time. And the second is the only song one of the TV channels are not aired, because there are such words: “Not sarolahti, hloptsi, win, no in in blogo cinza”.

– A poem last?

– The majority of Ukrainian politicians – the chaff. I have a poem – “Chaff”.

– Thank You, Peter.