The Top Gear crew was suspected of speeding

The Norwegian government withdrew permission for shooting issued by the Top Gear team, after one of the cars raced on a 150-metre tunnel at the speed of 244 kilometers per hour.

Representatives of the public roads Administration has tested the speed control system implemented by inductive loops in the pavement, and found that on this stretch of road during the filming of one of the cars instead of the allowed 140 km/h and has a top speed of 170-180 km/h, and the second is 244 km/h.

As reported by the police inspector involved in the investigation of the incident, the task of the police to determine these exceedances in a time when the tunnel was closed and used for filming or not.

The film crew of Top Gear, in turn, said that cooperating with the police: “Because Top Gear was filmed on roads closed in the area on the same day, we are cooperating fully with the police investigation of this matter. Neither Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris was not present at the shooting or in the area at the time of the alleged violation.”

Norway is famous for its build speed regime. In this country for exceeding the limit by 40 km/h the driver can pay the fine of $1300 and spend six months in a prison cell.