The mayor of Venice was threatened with firing without warning for shouting “Allah Akbar” in the city centre

Rome. August 24. INTERFAX – Mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro threatened to send in advance the terrorists “Allah” for shouting “Allah Akbar” in St. Mark’s square, said on Thursday the newspaper “San”.

“Anyone who shouted “Allahu Akbar” in St. Mark’s square, can count on the fact that we’ll shoot him,” said the mayor of Venice.

He noted that earlier this year, the Venice police arrested four persons from Kosovo, on charges of preparing a terrorist attack on the Rialto bridge.

“Four people a few months ago wanted to blow up the Rialto bridge. They said they want to meet Allah. We can send these people directly to Allah before they blow up the bridge, we just shoot them,” said L. Brugnaro, speaking at the international Catholic forum in Rimini.

The audience met the statement with applause, but many Italian politicians non-partisan speech of the mayor of Venice had no appeal.