For wearing “destructive ideologies” in Kazakhstan are going to be fined nearly $700

Astana. August 22. INTERFAX – Violation of rules prohibiting the wearing of “destructive ideologies” in Kazakhstan may entail a fine in the amount of 100 monthly calculation indices (MCI – 2269 tenge 332,58/$1).

“Use and dissemination in public areas external attributes, garments, showing the belonging to destructive ideological trends, entails a fine for individuals in the amount of one hundred monthly calculation indices”, – stated in the draft law posted on the website of the Ministry of religious Affairs and civil society.

The bill will be discussed with the public, and then submitted for consideration of Parliament.

In the spring the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting with representatives of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan (SAMK) instructed to study the question of the ban on wearing headscarves in the country at the legislative level.

“As a result of ignorance, our young men grow a beard and trimmed his pants. An increasing number of Kazakh girls who completely cover themselves in black robes. It does not match any of our traditions or our people. You need to study the issue of the ban on the legislative level. Kazakhs wear black clothes in mourning time”, – said the head of state.

On the eve of Mineralogy reported that Kazakhstan plans to legislatively prohibit the distribution and advertising of the creeds “destructive ideologies” in the media, as well as wearing items of their clothing.

The bill proposes rules that will allow you to adjust the receiving religious education abroad, the participation of civil servants in religious activities, ban on wearing garments that prevent facial recognition in public places marriage in a religious ceremony.

“In addition, the bill introduces a ban on the wearing of garments of destructive ideological movements, distribution and advertising of their creed in the media, strengthen the responsibility for illegal involvement of minors in religious activities”, – noted in the message.