India’s Supreme court has banned the Muslim to divorce in words

Delhi. August 22. INTERFAX – the Supreme court of India banned on the territory of the country are practicing Muslims divorce “triple talaq”, according to which a man can divorce his wife three times saying the word “talaq”, said on Tuesday Bi-Bi-si.

Three of the five judges in the Supreme court of India ruled that this practice “is not integral to religion” because in the Qur’an does not make mention of the possibility of such divorce, as well as violate the Constitution” of India. On the examination of the legality of divorce insisted women whose husbands divorced them in a similar way.

“Talaq” means “divorce”. Earlier, Indian human rights activists engaged in the struggle for women’s rights in this country, repeatedly filed petitions on the prohibition of such divorces, because often men divorced their wives without warning or using instant messengers and social networks.