Bonucci wants to win Milan the Champions League

Leonardo Bonucci, who this summer has unexpectedly moved from Juventus to Milan, spoke about why he decided to join the Rossoneri.

“I chose Milan because they have the most ambitious project, but I live for challenges,” Bonucci was quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Director Milan Fassone and the Mirabell made me feel very important and showed that I really need them, otherwise, the negotiations have not proceeded to only 48 hours.”

“And it wasn’t about the money. Those who call me greedy for money, I say I have had offers from abroad where I could earn more.”

“The idea was to repeat the way that I went through in Juventus, where we started to rebuild and was on the top.”

“Just here I want to do even more. For four years I hope to win the Champions League. I want to win all the trophies”.

From Bonucci will have a chance to make his debut for Milan in an official match during the meeting, the playoffs of the Europa League against Skandia, which will be held on Thursday, August 17.