Trent Alexander-Arnold is afraid of no one in offer to a big name in Liverpool

Trent Alexander-Arnold turned to Franck Ribery last week with a challenge from behind, leaving the seven-time League champion on his butt and stared at his marker. He was met with a deadpan stare, but know all about the 18-year-old defender as Liverpool not only convinced in the attack, when Bayern Munich beat with 3: 0 in the Allianz Arena. Arrival announced, the former France winger. He will not be the only to in this season.

“I try not to pay too much respect to the players I’m playing against,” says Alexander Arnold, confirmed exactly what that early exchange with Ribéry in Munich had to be specified. “I think that is what you can influence. You have to go out and focus on yourself and not who you are against. It was a difficult task, obviously, still go against a world class player and one of the best. You just have to see it as an opportunity, and this is what I do, every time the manager picks me. I just take the opportunity and show why I deserve this chance. I tried to do that against Bayern.”

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Not surprisingly, there was no feedback from Ribéry. The teenager adds: “He has not said anything [on the foul] and I think, to ask him for his T-shirt as a souvenir or anything. I went directly to the locker room, because that’s what I have to do am used to. The whole game was hard for all of us, they are an excellent side, but we stuck to our task well and finished how we wanted it. You could see our attacking game against Bayern there’s a lot of exciting things in the near future.”

In the near future for the young Liverpool fan, who grew up near the club’s Melwood training ground in West Derby, it is expected that the inclusion of the third Premier League start of his career, when Jürgen Klopp’s starting team, the new campaign at Watford on Saturday.

Nathaniel Clyne has missed most of the crack prior to the season with a muscle fiber and back problems, while Joe Gomez was deployed in a Central defender and the outside defender this summer. Alexander Arnold is not start a favorite, right-back at Vicarage Road, by default. As a first-team potential through the Liverpool academy coaches thought for a long time, he underlined his promise in 12 appearances for Klopp’s side last season and has continued his development in the pre-season. Clyne was determined to be a serious challenge for his starting role from Alexander Arnold this season, regardless of fitness.

“I’m not sure if I get the chance, but I am hoping to take it when I get it,” Alexander Arnold says. “There is still time before the first game and I will fight for this position, like all the other guys. There are a lot of strong players here, and we could, two different teams at the start of the season. But hopefully the chance comes. You can only hope for the possibility. When I said I get games against Watford, I’m going to look to take advantage of opportunities.”

A starting role on opening day would be the appropriate reward for Alexander Arnold ‘ s efforts in this summer and for the sacrifices he made. Broken, in the Klopp’s squad in the last season, it was decided he should miss the European Under-19 championship in July, and despite featuring regularly for England in the qualification The reasoning for Tom Davies at Everton, was that Alexander-Arnold took a break, before you set out on a full pre-season at a higher level.

The decision has paid off, even if when leaving a bitter sweet taste, than England, the trophy lifted for the first time in their history with a 2: 1 defeat in Portugal.

Alexander Arnold explains: “I played a lot during the qualification games and to lift not on the trophy with the team was a little … it hurt a little. I watched the whole tournament and I thought we deserved to win it. I watched as a fan on the edge of my seat, in the hope we win the trench would be deep and get. If they did, I was to see lift the trophy. I spoke with the guys and wish them all the best with the celebrations. I said it was a shame not to be there, but the focus during the pre-season was to focus on club football and this is what I’ve done.”

England. The immediate goal for the Alexander Arnold to follow, Klopp ‘ s instructions on how to secure his place in Liverpool. “The most important piece of advice about my defence,” says the former under-18-year-old captain, who is also comfortable in Central midfield. “It is a big part of the game, and in the first place, I am to try a defender, nail, down, he helped me during pre-season. I hope I can improve myself.”