WikiLeaks has published documents about the CIA program to control web cameras

MOSCOW, Aug 3 — RIA Novosti. Portal WikiLeaks on Friday released another batch of secret documents of the CIA, the new package describes the work controls web cameras and microphones.

“Today, 3 August 2017, WikiLeaks publishes draft CIA Dumbo. Dumbo is a tool that allows you to suspend the use of Webcams and damaging any videos that could compromise the operation of the physical access Group (PAG)”, — stated in the new publication portal as part of its Vault project 7.

The release explained that the PAG is a special Department of the Center of radio and electronic intelligence, whose task is the acquisition and use of the physical access to computers during the field operations of the CIA.

Reportedly, Dumbo can recognize, monitor and control systems monitor and detect the computer on which you installed Microsoft Windows operating system. The program recognizes the device such as web cameras and microphones connected in any possible ways (via cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or via a network). The operator can pause the operation of the recording and management of video, audio and network data.

“Removing records, or manipulating, the operator may create a false or to destroy real evidence of interference in the operation,” is in the document.

WikiLeaks has published the first part of a package of documents of the CIA on March 7, it was reported that this publication will become the largest leak of confidential papers intelligence Agency. It includes more than 8.7 million documents and files stored in the isolated internal network of the Center for cierraspice based in the headquarters of the CIA in Langley (Virginia).