Pocettino: the competition will be trophies

At the moment Tottenham is the only Premier League club that has not signed any rookie (returned from loan players do not count), but I broke up with Kyle Walker. And don’t particularly like the coach, “spurs” Mauricio Pochettino.

“Like Manchester city, Liverpool, Chelsea and others are trying to secure better results in the new season? – speculate at a press conference the Argentine specialist. – Acquire good players for their stars felt the competition and began to play even brighter. As far as I know, we are waiting for some trophies, that’s great, it’s also an incentive for players, but not enough. I believe the same Thing, alli, Harry Kane, Eric Dyer or Toby Alderweireld stars, but I am absolutely sure that each of them will look even better if he knows he has a competitor, at any time with a chance to oust him from the first team. I understand that we can’t compete with Manchester United or Manchester city in the transfer market – opportunities at the club are not the same. So, we must look for other ways to enhance competition in the squad. The competition – over time, there will be trophies.”

Under the leadership of Pochettino Tottenham every season rises higher in the final standings: 2014/2015 – 5, 2015/2016 – 3rd place 2016/2017 – 2nd place.