Kazakhstan intends to stop sending students abroad for teaching religious disciplines

Astana. August 3. INTERFAX – Kazakhstan might refuse to send students abroad for teaching religious disciplines, said the Minister of religious Affairs and civil society Nurlan Yermekbayev.

“We set a goal that over time the degree of bachelor of religious education received only after the receipt of education in Kazakhstan. The masters degree and doctorate – in the direction of SAMK (Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan – Interfax). Over time I want to stop all teaching of religious disciplines abroad,” the Minister said Thursday at a press conference in Astana.

The Minister recalled that the present religious education abroad receive about 300 Kazakh citizens.

In addition, N. Yermekbayev commented on the recent situation with the detention of six students from Kazakhstan to Egypt.

“Have safely resolved the situation with our six citizens in Egypt. This is indicative of the situation when the young people went to study in some course, without official direction, was in such adverse situations. Such situations occur quite often, so we say together with the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan, which should not, voluntarily, spontaneously, to go abroad to receive religious education. Still, having such a religious education without direction, RAMU, these people are not employed in the system of the RAMU”, – said the Minister.

As reported, Kazakhstan six students of language courses in Cairo, was detained by the staff of the national security of Egypt. Only after the protest notes that Kazakhstan’s foreign Ministry sent the foreign Ministry of Egypt, national security service of this country decided to deport the students home. The reasons for their detention, the Egyptian side promised to inform later.