In Ukraine today is the Day of the special operations Forces of the APU

Ukraine news:Today in Ukraine celebrates the Day of the special operations Forces of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

The holiday was established to facilitate the further development of national military traditions, the military-Patriotic education of youth and its readiness to defend the homeland, according to the decree of the President dated July 26, 2016.

However, the same day the Head of state signed the Law on amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning the special operations Forces of the APU. This document ended the process of creation marked the troops, because it defined the legal status and application of special operations Forces alone or in cooperation with other types of APU for special operations concerning creation of favorable conditions for the successful conduct of military-political, economic and other activities in the interests of national security in the sphere of defense of the state.

Special operations forces – a separate service of the Armed forces, which consists of well-trained and motivated military, able to conduct subversive activities behind enemy lines, to organize a guerrilla struggle in the occupied territories, to liberate or capture important hostages.