The anti-war film Goebbels feared

The great Illusion is usually called ” one of the greatest films ever made’. A powerful anti-war film about French soldiers who are prisoners in a German camp during the first World War, director Jean Renoir wanted to show that there was not much difference between the two sides.

But the film, released in 1937, as another war was just on the horizon. The Nazis promptly banned great Illusion for his pacifism. As it became clear that the second World War was inevitable, the French government has done the same – the message of the film that national borders are not illusions, were not in favour of a fighting spirit.

The great Illusion is now celebrating its 80th anniversary. To commemorate the occasion, BBC Culture, Christian Blauvelt watch as the film’s call for a world without borders, it is still relevant today. Watch the video above to find out more.