In the Russian Church, called on everyone to contribute to the reconciliation of the brotherly Ukrainian people

Moscow. July 28. INTERFAX – Head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda believes that each of us must contribute to the reconciliation of the brotherly Ukrainian people, the preservation of good relations with the Ukrainians.

“Each of us can do something, at least replace the word hate in my vocabulary for a word of love and compassion,” he writes in his article published Friday in the newspaper “Izvestia”.

For religious leaders, says Vladimir Legoyda it can be prayer and effective assistance, “as it was given by the Patriarch in the liberation of the prisoner in December last year,” and “for a journalist – search the angle and lighting event that will not aggravate the hatred, but I will save it.”

“Let’s look for what serves the world. Let it be filled with reports, documentaries and feature films,” he called Vladimir Legoyda.

He called the feast of the Baptism of Rus day of the birth of Ukrainian and Russian – “in history, in faith, in Outlook, in culture” and lamented that today the once brotherly Nations “separated by borders, conflict, human passions and false.”

“Nothing wrong with the borders on a map. Lot worse when dotted borders are on human hearts. When we unwittingly begin to enter into the logic of confrontation, when associate some political realities and the people behind them with whole Nations,” he said, expressing hope that “all this is gonna change.”

The representative of the Church urged not to think that the grievances held by themselves. “Reconciliation — difficult road must pass every person and not only those who are responsible for interstate relations”, – he said.