Monarev: Zirka understaffed, we need to close another 4-5 positions

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“At the beginning of the match we were a little uptight, because somewhere feared opponent, and their quick counter attacks. The Olympic is a part of one of the best performers under this scheme, so we were obliged to protect themselves”, — quotes the words Manurewa official website of Olympic.

“Somewhere closer, wanted to feel the opponent. In the second half we outplayed Shakhtar in the emotions and desire. Yeah, maybe not clear cut chances, but the opponent standing in their own half with ten men. Somewhere lack of skill to overcome such a defense. You should use polochany standards”.

“Of course, I would like to say that we are understaffed, we need to close another 4-5 positions. So, we will strengthen the squad, competition. In these games we could increase the pressure. Unfortunately, this is not possible, but I hope that my guide will move in this direction. Zirka is moving in the right direction.”

“Now all teams want to get into the top six. It would be foolish to put the problem simply not to fly. Moreover, the boys set themselves a specific task regardless of opponent, will try to win every match. But to set really higher objectives, you need to get stronger.”

In the next round against FC Zirka will face Veres.