The Tatarstan model appeared Nude in the Orthodox Church, the TFR began checking

Kazan. July 25. INTERFAX – Photocall girls in transparent robe, held in one of the temples of Tatarstan, was the subject of the preliminary investigation, said senior assistant head of the UK TFR in the region Andrey Sheptytsky.

“Because the actions of the author of the photo shoot may contain signs of a crime envisaged by article 148 of the criminal code (violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion – “if”), began pre-investigation check”, – said Andrey Sheptytsky “Interfax” on Tuesday.

Local media reported that the promotional photo shoot was held in non-functional temple in the village Gary Elabuzhsky district of Tatarstan with the participation of models from Naberezhnye Chelny and supposedly intended for local Bridal magazine.

The shots of the girl in the so-called transparent boudoir gown, concealing most of the body model, posing, in particular, on the background of a cracked temple painting.

Meanwhile, the editors of Bridal magazine “Council and love”, carried out the photo session that interested investigators, apologized, stressing that he had no “intent to insult the religious feelings of believers”.

“When choosing the location for filming the building was considered as an abandoned building, but in any case, as a working temple. Everyone this situation has touched and offended, we apologize”, – reported on the journal page in one of social networks.