The EU decided not to ban French fries

BRUSSELS, July 20 — RIA Novosti, Alexander Shishlo. The EU will not prohibit recipe national pride of Belgium — French fries, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the European Commission.

The original Belgian recipe French fries were under threat of ban due to the plans of the Executive Board of the European Union to amend the list of toxic substances acrylamide — a carcinogenic substance which is formed in grilled, fried or baked foods.

“Reducing the level of acrylamide, as agreed in the environment of the countries-members of EU, does not require pre-blanching of potatoes that would change the Belgian recipe for its preparation”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

Minister of tourism, Belgian Flanders Ben weyts previously said that Europe threatens Belgian culture preparation of “Frith” (the name of French fries in Belgium).

The Belgians claim that the world-famous garnish, which became known as “French fries” to feed British soldiers, tried it in Belgium during the First world war, he first served in Flanders — niderlandskom region in the North of the Kingdom. It happened in the XVI century.

Vats, sent a letter to the European Commissioner for health of Vitanica of Andriukaitis with an appeal not to take action that will have “significant unintended consequences to gastronomic heritage.”
Fast food

The European Agency for food security in summer 2015, has notified that products such as French fries, chips, biscuits and coffee contain the carcinogen acrylamide. In Canada it is listed as a toxic substance, but in the US companies in the food industry required to reduce the content of acrylamide in products.

In accordance with the Belgian original recipe fries, twice fried in boiling oil, and this, according to the European Commission, creates a frequent intake of the risk of cancer.

As told RIA Novosti in the Belgian professional Association of eateries in the preparation of “fruity” potatoes are double-dipped in a “bath” of boiling oil. First time doing it that he was roasted from the inside, and the second time, giving him “rest” for a few minutes — to form a Golden crisp. Potato slice Belgian recipe should ideally be up to 12 inches. It is noteworthy that from one kilogram of peeled potatoes is obtained only 540 grams of “fritos”.