Ural Director is planning to release in September the film “Lies Matilda” to refute myths about Nicholas II

Ekaterinburg. July 17. INTERFAX – Seven historians, as well as the fighter of the mixed style Fedor Emelyanenko, a state Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, Metropolitan Vikenty, and others will star in the documentary “Lies Matilda”, written in response to the picture of Alexei Uchitel, said the film documentary, Ural philanthropist Sergey Aliev.

“The decision I made under the influence of the trailer (a film I haven’t seen) about the Holy for Orthodox Christians the Emperor – Nicholas II. In the film, in addition to myth that the Emperor was in a relationship before marriage with Mathilde Kschessinska, will be dismantled all the other myths that still exist”, – Aliyev said at a press conference in “Interfax” on Monday.

In particular, he said, planned “to refute such myths that the king was a bloody” and flabby.

“Part of me is even grateful to Alexey Uchitel, that was so newsworthy to understand what is true, what was Tsar Nicholas II: a weak and bloody and sacrificial and Holy. For this, the film will be written seven historians. These are candidates, and professors of historical Sciences”, – said S. Aliyev.

He stressed that it offends “the blasphemy against the king”, which is in the movie “Matilda”. The Director is certain that Nicholas II was impossible relations until marriage.

“I watched the trailer: it shows the relationship female – male, and this is the Holy Emperor,” said the Director.

Shooting, which will be held in Yekaterinburg, Moscow and St. Petersburg, scheduled to begin next week.

It is assumed that “Lies Matilda” will be released in the period from 10 to 15 September. S. Aliyev stressed that specially planned to release their film before the premiere pictures A. Teacher.

As noted by the Director, he hopes the film will show on one of the Central channels, but if not, then it will spread on the Internet.

In the movie “Matilda” tells about the relationship of the heir to the throne, the future Emperor Nicholas II and ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya. Before the release on wide screens the picture has caused a wide resonance.