Seoul has called for a full dialogue with Pyongyang

TOKYO, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti, Ivan Zakharchenko. South Korea ready for full-scale dialogue with the DPRK, depending on the position of Pyongyang on the denuclearization of the Peninsula, said Monday Minister of national unification, the South Korean government, Cho Myung-Gyun.

“We will consider the normalization of the dialogue between South and North, watching the position of the North on denuclearization”, — quotes the Minister news Agency Yonhap.

Earlier in the day South Korea invited North Korea to negotiate military representatives to reduce tensions between the two Korean States and contacts between the red cross to resume meetings between separated as a result of the split of the country relatives.

Obviously, Seoul has reservations about the nuclear weapons of the DPRK, offering Pyongyang a dialogue. The fact that the allies of South Korea — US and Japan — I think that now is not the time for negotiations in terms of pressure on the North Korean authorities from the international community to end nuclear and missile programs.