Poland build a missile defense system based on the American Patriot for 10 years

WARSAW, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. Poland for 10 years will build a missile defense system on the American Patriot, said Deputy defense Minister of the Republic Bartosz Kownacki the TV channel TVN24.

Last week during a visit to Poland of US President Donald trump signed an agreement to supply Poland Patriot air defense system.

“Today we are not armed, if we are talking about the missile defense system… within 10 years we will have an effective missile defense system,” said Kownacki, commenting on the purchase of American SAM.

The Deputy Minister confirmed that the purchase Partiot Poland has allocated 30 billion PLN (7.5 billion dollars) and this money is already guaranteed in the budget. He also said that Poland will buy the s latest control system IBCS.

Informed military expert, retired Colonel Andrei Golovatyuk on radio Sputnik said that the purchase of American systems is rather of political significance, as the Patriot system can not resist the Russian “Iskander”. By the time the supply of American complexes in Poland, they will have time to become obsolete, and Warsaw will have to buy the upgraded system. Thus, the United States will support their industry at the expense of Polish taxpayers, the expert explained.
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