In Lithuania ice-cream manufacturer was accused of “Soviet propaganda”

VILNIUS, 10 Jul — RIA Novosti. “Soviet bread” Lithuanian production caused an uproar from local activists.Public figure Giedrius, Drukteinis found the ice cream shop the village of DieveniÅ¡kÄ—s, and immediately accused the manufacturer of “Soviet propaganda”, according to Sputnik Lithuania.

On his page on Facebook, Drukteinis said that went DieveniÅ¡kÄ—s to sing the Lithuanian national anthem on the coronation Day of Mindaugas (national holiday in Lithuania celebrated on July 6). There he went to the store and saw “Soviet bread”. According to the activist, he was surprised to find that the manufacturer treats is a Lithuanian company Art Glacio.

“I understand that the law of the Soviet and Nazi symbolism doesn’t work here, but I feel for you, the Lithuanians?” — posted by Drukteinis in his post.

The situation was commented in the company that produces ice cream. According to the head of the Art Glacio Arunas of Simutis, “Soviet bread” was prepared for export.

According to Simochi, this name was not invented by them, and the customer.

“Very UN-civil, but what to do? Orders not so much to be able to choose from”, he added.

According to the Seimas in 2008, law, the public display of Soviet and Nazi symbols is prohibited. For violation a fine up to EUR 289.