The authenticity of the “Yekaterinburg remains” confirmed experts at the meeting of the Patriarch in June, says the Association of the Romanovs

*** Question of the burial of an important discussion of “Matilda”, believe in organizations

Saint-Petersburg. July 10. INTERFAX – Experts confirmed the authenticity of the “Ekaterinburg remains,” said the official representative of the Association of members of the Romanov family in Russia Ivan Artsishevsky, “Interfax” on Monday.

“Movement on this issue is. The Patriarch had a meeting in June where all the experts confirmed that the remains are authentic. Now the Church is silent. Hard to explain this silence”, – said I. Artsishevsky.

The Association of the Romanovs convinced that the issue of burial of the remains of crown Prince Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria much more important discussion of the film by Alexei Uchitel “Matilda”.

“If this political issue, I don’t see where is the policy. We can not show a movie where Nicholas II kissing, but when not buried children of the Emperor, all is silent”, – said I. Artsishevsky.

However, he expressed regret that contacts between representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church and the House of Romanov Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna.

“The Madrid of the house of Romanov does not exist, it is completely illegitimate organization. If ROC works with an illegitimate organization, it is a disaster of the Russian Orthodox Church. The whole world recognizes some of the Romanovs, and the Church is going its own way. But I am an Orthodox man, I distinguish Christ’s Church from the gathering of bishops,” – said I. Artsishevsky.

A review of the Church “Interfax” has not.

In a press-service of the Museum of St. Petersburg history (the Peter and Paul fortress) “Interfax” reported that currently, the institution is preparing for new burials.

“Now nothing happens. Tomb of Alexander III restored, other actions are planned. But it probably does not matter to us, it all depends on the Russian Orthodox Church and the city administration,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

As reported, in mid-June in Moscow under the chairmanship of Patriarch Kirill held a meeting on the question of identification of the “Yekaterinburg remains”. The meeting was attended by representatives of the TFR, headed by Chairman Alexander Bastrykin, and members of a special Church Commission on the “Ekaterinburg remains”. The meeting heard progress reports about the conduct of the assigned examinations in the criminal case prepared by the representatives of the TFR and the expert community.

In this case the TFR was allowed to publish the results of examinations from among those that have been completed in the case of the murder of members of the Royal family.

In January this year the Secretary of the Church Commission on the “Ekaterinburg remains,” Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov) told the portal “Interfax-Religion” that in the best laboratories around the world conducted genetic examination, completed a very extensive anthropological expertise “with a fundamentally new data” that are historical and criminological expertise. With regard to the recognition or non-recognition of the remains of the Holy relics, then, according to Bishop, “the final conclusions will only make the Council of bishops”.