Detained bully who broke stones at the Windows of two Orthodox temples of Almaty

Alma-ATA. July 11. INTERFAX – Police in Almaty have detained 33-the summer local resident, saidasheva stones of two churches, announced on Tuesday a press-service of the municipal Department of internal Affairs.

The message that the unknown man of European appearance at the age of 30-35 years smashed with a stone window of the Voznesensky Cathedral in the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, reported to the police in the beginning of the second night.

30 minutes later the same man had reached the temple of Peter and Paul in the Alatau village of Bostandyk district of Almaty and damaged a window, the report said.

Examining the data from the cameras, the staff of the investigative team identified the suspect, who was a sportsman from Almaty L. Ivanov, born in 1984.

“During the inspection of his vehicle was discovered and seized stones. The guilt, the citizen Ivanov admits. He claims that earlier he allegedly had conflicts with the clergy, whom he decided to revenge thus. The true motive of the crime and other circumstances established during the investigation,” – said the official representative of DIA Almaty Saltanat Ashirbek, words which are contained in the message.