Media reported about the beginning of the withdrawal of the German military from the air base of “Incirlik”

BERLIN, 9 Aug — RIA Novosti, angelina Timofeeva. C air base of “Incirlik” in Turkey to begin the withdrawal of German troops, reported the online edition of Spiegel, citing its own sources.

First to Jordan from Turkey will be displayed filling the planes, and then scout-bombers “Tornado”.

Still on the base of “Incirlik” were almost 260 soldiers of the Bundeswehr that served flights within the mission of the international coalition against terrorist group “Islamic state.”*

As Spiegel writes, “Tornado” will be withdrawn from Turkey until the end of July.

The decision on the withdrawal of German aircraft with “Incirlik” was made after a second ban German MPs to visit military personnel at the base. The refusal of the German delegation, the Turkish side explained the reluctance of Berlin to give military suspects in the coup attempt in July last year. In addition, Ankara accuses the German authorities, in cooperation with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party banned in Turkey.

Earlier it was reported that the German air force will begin departures from the territory of Jordan this fall.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia