Opposition banned pickets in St. Petersburg: promotional cube at the temple might offend the feelings of believers

Saint-Petersburg. July 7. INTERFAX – the Headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in St. Petersburg denied permission to hold campaign events in the Central area of the city because of the possible insult of feelings of believers.

The answer of the Deputy head of administration of Petrograd district of St. Petersburg Andrei Tsibenova to the notice of the public events is available at the disposal of “Interfax”. Organizers intended to set Cuba campaign in the assumption the square next to Prince Vladimir Cathedral.

“Stated place of picketing is within the vicinity of the Orthodox Church, Prince Vladimir Cathedral, which is massively visited by Orthodox believers, including children, holding a public event at a specified location may result in the insult of feelings of believers”, – said in response to A. Tsibenova.

Also, according to the Deputy head of the district administration, this place is located next to the streets which are highways of the Petrograd district. According to A. Tsibenova, public event will distract the attention of pedestrians and drivers.

In addition, the staff of A. Navalnogo in St. Petersburg refused to conduct their campaign activities in the Moscow area. According to the acting head of administration of Boris Epelman, a copy of which also is at the disposal of “Interfax”, the public grounds in the district will be busy whole month of July.