Estonian conservatives are demanding the resignation of the foreign Minister for their support of the festival LGBT

Tallinn. July 6. INTERFAX – Conservative people’s party of Estonia in connection with the ongoing in Tallinn festival of LGBT culture demanded the resignation of foreign Minister Sven Mikser for the support of the festival community of sexual minorities.

“In the current fleeting and difficult time when the role of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Estonia in defending the Estonian state and national interests should be a top priority, the foreign Ministry has been no apparent activity. The Minister of the Mixer completely lack all understanding of what the tasks of the Minister and the Ministry of foreign Affairs”, – reads the statement of the Conservative party.

According to conservatives, these tasks are clearly not part of “the exaltation and improvement of the so-called samosoznania the public.”

“If the Minister and his subordinates, spending time on such treatment, nothing else to do, they should find activities on forces,” say the conservatives.

Especially “funny” they believe that “the Ministry of foreign Affairs, addressed on the topic of Baltic Pride in the day when the most powerful ally Estonia, the U.S. President Donald trump in a speech in Warsaw, said that “we have perhaps the greatest economic and most destructive weapon, but if we have strong families and strong values, that we alive will not stay.”

“Treatment shows that the foreign Minister Sven Mikser completely lacks all sorts of understanding about the nature of human rights and the situation in the Baltic States… Sven Mixer needs to resign,” – said in a statement.

In Tallinn on Thursday, the festival kicks off LGBT culture in the framework of the IX “Baltic pride”. During the festival will host a series of cultural events dedicated to LGBT topics. Saturday will be the parade in support of sexual minorities.

The foreign Ministry of Estonia together with a number of Western embassies in the country, delegation of the European Commission, information office of the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the Nordic countries in this regard, issued a joint statement in support of LGBT people in the Baltic States.