The German authorities are preparing for possible cyber attacks during G20 summit

MOSCOW, 3 Jul — RIA Novosti. The German authorities are preparing for possible hacker attacks during the summit of “Big twenty” (G20) in Hamburg, which will be held on 7-8 July, said the head of the German Federal office for the protection of information technology (BSI) Arne Senbon.

“We are preparing for any protests. We are concerned about how targeted attacks and the activities of hacker groups such as Anonymous and Lulzsec, who can cook political protests through cyber attacks,” said Shenbaum in an interview with Reuters.

He said that ahead of the summit of power ordered the creation of a command center, which monitors hacker activity.

Earlier, the chief of police of Hamburg Ralf Martin Meyer reported that about 20 thousand policemen, including Federal police, will provide security at the G20 summit. According to Mayer, the police are ready to respond to the active actions of radical groups.