Missionaries from South Korea are detained in Buryatia, expelled from Russia

Ulan-Ude. The 4th of July. INTERFAX – Four South Korean missionary Baptist in Buryatia detained and expelled from Russia, reported “Interfax” in the border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Republic.

The missionaries were detained for illegal conduct missionary activities in gidenstam district of Buryatia.

The missionaries, two men and two women, came to the village of petropavlivka galinsoga district of the Republic from Irkutsk to the end of June for the dissemination of religious doctrine and the involvement of new members in the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists. In the course of visa and passport control of the passengers of the flight Seoul-Irkutsk missionaries said that their official purpose of visit to Russia – tourism.

Arriving in the village the Peter and Paul fortress late in the evening and the location of the hotel, the next day early in the morning, Koreans began to bypass the homes of local residents to explain to them the basics of the religious teachings of the Baptists. While foreigners have not received permits to conduct missionary activities in any of the four Baptist communities was registered in the territory of Buryatia.

The district court giganskogo district recognized citizens of South Korea guilty of administrative offences and each sentenced to a fine of $ 32 thousand rubles with expulsion from Russia. After payment of fines foreigners traveled flight from Irkutsk to Seoul.