In the Russian Church protest against the decision of the Strasbourg disconnected from the apparatus a seriously ill British baby

Moscow. July 3. INTERFAX – the Russian Orthodox Church protested against the decisions of the European courts to be disconnected from life support systems 10-month-old British baby Charlie Garda, who suffers from a rare genetic disease.

“Terrible decision by the European court of human rights has demonstrated a deep crisis of the very concept of human rights protection. Now the right to life gives way to the right to death” – reads the statement of the head of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate, Metropolitan Hilarion.

According to the Hierarch, the drama of the situation is compounded by the fact that parents cannot decide on their own. In this regard, the Metropolitan asks the question, “why in the twenty-first century family in a free democratic state is trapped in the walls of one clinic because of the decision of the court and may not use the services of another clinic”.

The representative of the Russian Church has described the situation as “violence to the conscience of parents, bullying them, sadism, painted in a humanistic tone.”

He stressed that in the case of Charlie, there are doctors in the US willing to undertake his treatment, there are funds. Despite this, the court decided that the “best interests of the child” to have him taken off of life support, to provide palliative care and to “give dignity to die.”

Metropolitan Hilarion expressed his surprise that, although the words of human life in the West today is an absolute value, in many countries the loss of life of seriously ill people, including children, there is an “institutionalized reality.”

He hoped that Charlie’s parents will have the opportunity to give their child the treatment that they think is right. “Pray that they were able to endure their terrible ordeal. Believe that the merciful Lord will not deprive little Charlie His love and bring his suffering to a pledge of eternal Life,” reads the statement of the representative of the Russian Church.