The Vatican supported the request of the parents of a seriously ill British baby not to have him taken off life support

The Vatican. June 30. INTERFAX – the President of the Pontifical Academy of life protection Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia supported the parents of a sick 11-month-old baby Charlie Garda from the UK who did not agree with the decision of the doctors to disconnect him from life support.

“The story of the little British child Charlie Garda and his parents brought us all pain and hope,” he said on Radio Vatican.

In turn, the Catholic conference of bishops of England and Wales in your statement about this sensational case, said: “We must never be guided by the decision to stop human life, including through the rejection of the use of food and water”.

The bishops stressed that the sick person needs humane treatment and care until natural death.

On Friday, the doctors must stop the life of a child with a rare disease that caused brain damage. However, parents now insist on the completion of Charlie’s treatment in the United States. In this case, the European court of human rights had earlier rejected a request from the parents.

In addition, in the UK the judge ruled that the decision of the clinic, which is Part of the garde, to abolish the artificial maintenance of its vital functions is not contrary to law, explaining that in the current state of child suffering in the absence of real prospects of cure.