In the Polish city of gorzów Wielkopolski burning Cathedral of the XIII century

WARSAW, 2 Jun — RIA Novosti. The old Cathedral burns in the Polish city of gorzów Wielkopolski, told journalists the representative of local fire protection Dariusz Shimura.

“Several dozen fire brigades liquidate the fire, which broke out in the tower of the old Cathedral in gorzów Wielkopolski” — said Shimura.

He noted that the fire began on Saturday evening, and far more localized and not spreading. Firefighters said that the roof of the Cathedral had to make a small hole to feed through water and foam.

“This dramatic fire of one of the most valuable monuments of the XIII century. Drama for the residents of our region, our entire diocese,” said local Governor Vladislav Dicac.

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Around the Cathedral rescuers organized an extensive security zone. “The longer the fire will last, so this design will be more dangerous,” said fire.

The fire Department has no information about the victims of the fire. As suggested by the rescuers, a fire could occur between the last and penultimate floors of the tower. Its cause is unknown. The fighting is complex, as the Cathedral’s tower is about 40 meters in height.

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Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary is considered a symbol of Gorzów Wielkopolski. The temple, located in the heart of the city, is the most valuable monument of history and an important place for the faithful of the diocese. The exact date of the start of construction of the Church is unknown. The first indirect mention of its existence dates from the year 1297. The rank of a Cathedral, the Church was acquired in 1946.