Sports quiz of the week: the fifa Confederations Cup, the Lions, the Tour de France and the hackers

In which country will the Tour de France, which starts Saturday?


In germany, With 14 kilometres of time trial in Düsseldorf.



When was the last time the Lions came from 1-0 down to win a series against the “All Blacks” of New Zealand?




Never The Lions have played 39 Tests against the All Blacks, lost 30 of them and only won a series in New Zealand, in 1971, when he won the first Test. Do not build illusions Lions fans.

What Wayde van Niekerk to achieve in 30.81 seconds of this week?

Hit the first six in a day-night county cricket match

He did 1km

Picked up a red card in a match of the Confederations Cup

He set a new 300m world record south africa set the record for the Czech Republic, becoming the first man in history to run 100 meters in less than 10 seconds, 200 meters in less than 20 seconds, 300 meters in less than 31 seconds and 400 metres in under 44 seconds.

The England under-21 team kept up the country’s record of losing on penalties, when they were eliminated from the under-21 Euros by Germany on penalties. In which of these tournaments did the senior team do not exit in the penalty shoot-out?

The 1990 World Cup

Euro 1996

The World Cup Of 1998

Euro 2004

The 2006 World Cup

Euro 2008 That did not comply with the requirements.

That is England’s most capped player at under-21, with 46 games?

Scott Carson

Danny Rose

Fabrice Muamba

James Milner Milner also has 61 caps for the senior team.

UFC fighter Justine Kish lost to Felice Herrig in the weekend. What is unusual about the fight?

They are brothers-in-law

Herrig closed their eyes to attract to Kish forward and hit him with a punch

Herrig was Cis, the former coach until she decided that she could make more money fighting

Kish pooed himself during the fight “This is so difficult, because I don’t want to talk shit,” said Herrig, something without realizing it, after the fight. “I really like Justine. We are friends. If I were in this position I don’t want people talking about it and making fun of me, but I know that Justine is taken lightly. She made a funny tweet about it saying ‘shit happens’.”

Two weeks ago, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay twitter: “I’ve been hacked! Be careful out there”. What made this week’s post?

A tweet in which he called the team manager “a waste of space and money”

Images of a star player’s contract, including his salary and phone number

A tweet in which he called Donald Trump an “ugly, dumb-ass, no-good punk”

A photo of a naked woman to The woman in question was the Hungarian actor porn Anette Dawn. Let’s hope those pesky hackers are.

Claudio Bravo became Chile’s hero in the Confederations Cup semi-final, when he saved all three penalties he faced in the penalty shoot-out against Portugal. How many saves made Manchester City in 2017?

Three, But he is very good with the ball at his feet, apparently.




Nigel Benn and Steve Collins have agreed to fight for the third time at the end of this year. When were your first two fights?

1996 “it Is only a question of money, a payday that will allow me to purchase some more land,” Collins said. “I have no problem with Nigel. I have a lot of respect. I really like him.”




According to John McEnroe, where he was to Serena Williams in the world rankings if she played on the men’s tour?

“Just below that of the “big four”

“Top 20”

“In the top 100”

“700” Dmitry Tursunov, the world No701, said: “I have the hope that she would win against Serena. Physically I could not be in the best shape of my life, but as an overall package I am much better than my ranking suggests. She is pregnant, and I’m not.”

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