The Bundestag approved the legalization of same-sex “marriages”

Berlin. June 30. INTERFAX – members of the Bundestag voted for the bill legalizing marriages between persons of the same sex and the adoption of their children, reports on Friday, “the German wave”.

In support of the bill 393 deputies voted, 226 voted against it and four abstained.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel changed her stance on the issue of legalization of marriages between persons of the same sex, calling on deputies from the party of the Christian democratic Union (CDU) vote each for himself and not be guided by the General party position. As the radio station, she voted against the bill.

Previously, the position of the CDU regarding the legalization of same-sex “marriages” were negative.
Currently allowed in Germany so-called civil partnership, in which citizens receive a number of tax benefits.

Same-sex “marriages” are allowed to conclude in 14 European countries. First the legality of such unions legalized in the Netherlands.