Merkel said that voted against the law on same-sex marriage

BERLIN, June 30 – RIA Novosti, angelina Timofeeva. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that he voted against the law on the legalization of gay marriage, because in her view, marriage is the Union of a man and a woman. She stated this to journalists in Parliament immediately after the vote, a statement by the Chancellor was broadcasted by the TV channel N24.

The Bundestag a few minutes earlier passed a bill on “marriage for all”.

“As for the question of marriage, it is my belief that the sixth article of the Basic law says about marriage between a man and a woman. And this conviction has led to the fact, I believe we must take this question of the possibility of same-sex marriage as a “decision of conscience”. For me, marriage is Basically the law is marriage is between a man and a woman, and so today, I voted against this bill,” — said Merkel.

According to the Chancellor, the adoption of law was preceded by a “long, intense and very emotional discussion,” including for her personally. Merkel expressed hope that with the adoption of the law will be a step in the direction of “social peace and unity”.