Media: the Sicilian mafia “moved” to Germany

MOSCOW, 29 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Sicilian mafia against the background of worsening economic situation in southern Europe is looking for business opportunities in Germany, reports the Guardian newspaper.

The publication familiarized with the results of large-scale operation against drugs in the South-West of Germany. During the operation it became clear that the mafia clans faced with financial problems in Italy, moved to the more prosperous regions of Germany.

Sicilian construction market is one of the most important business sectors of the mafia. According to the Italian authorities, the sector suffered from the economic crisis is more: since 2007, revenue in construction decreased by 90%.

“The Italian mafia is investing in Germany in recent years. Like other legitimate companies in Europe, they found a very lucrative business opportunity here”, — quotes the edition the head of the Italian financial police in Sicily.

As reported, on June 21 in a joint operation by the Italian financial police and the German criminal investigation Department in the southwest of Germany was arrested 19 alleged drug traffickers. According to investigators, the criminals worked in Germany on orders of the Mondino family — Sicilian mafia.

According to the newspaper, the mafia worked in the land of Baden-württemberg on the border with France and Switzerland. This German land is one of the richest administrative units of the country. In this area is also the largest Italian community formed in the 50-70-ies of the last century.