The relics of Saint Nicholas in Moscow bowed to nearly a million people

Moscow. June 23. INTERFAX – almost one million pilgrims venerated the relics of St. Nicholas in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, which a month ago for the first time in history was brought to Russia from Italy, reported the joint press center of the Russian Church and the government of the capital.

According to the morning of Friday, the total number who came to the Shrine in Moscow amounted to 989 200 people. Given that every day the relics of the Saint comes from 25 thousand to 42 thousand believers, we can say that today will be “beaten” the million mark.

In the temple of Christ the Savior, the Shrine will be available for another three weeks – until 12 July and from 13 to 28 July, she will be in St. Petersburg.

Such a mass pilgrimage to brought from abroad shrines occurred previously. So, during his stay in Moscow and other Russian cities the belt of the Theotokos, which was brought in 2011 from the Vatopedi monastery on mount Athos, the Shrine bowed to more than 3.5 million people, including top leaders of the state.

In 2007, the Russian monastery of St. Panteleimon on mount Athos, in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine delivered the relics of the Apostle and Evangelist Luke, which was drained nearly a million believers.

In 2006, of the mother of God monastery in Montenegro was delivered to the right hand of John the Baptist, visited by more than 2 million believers in 18 cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

In 2004-2005, from Jerusalem in 70 dioceses of the Russian Church in Russia and the CIS was brought the Holy relics of Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna Romanova and nun Varvara. For six months, they bowed to about 10 million people.