The investigators found no crime in death missing in Komi priest

Syktyvkar. June 26. INTERFAX – Investigators of the INTA (Komi Republic) did not initiate proceedings on the fact of death in the forest hut of hieromonk Bartholomew (Potapova), who went missing in January, has informed “Interfax” in city Department of the regional TFR.

The experts found that the cause of death of the monk, which is thought to have occurred in December 2016, has become a General hypothermia. Carbon monoxide poisoning ruled out, but traces of alcohol in his blood is not found. Injuries on the body of a man was not. In the absence of evidence of a crime in a criminal case is denied.

“In the hut, where they found the body of a priest in street clothes, was a stove and firewood. He could warm the house. Also he had all the necessary camping things,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

As reported, information about the disappearance of a priest appeared in January of this year. Leading the search for the missing men, the volunteers reported that he was last seen in December last year, the roommates in INTA. Recently 40-year-old priest served in the temple of common faith in the village of Ust-Tsilma. It was noted that he led quite a secluded life, loved for a long time to go into the forest, climb mountains and spend time alone.

In March, hikers discovered the body of a man in the forest hut about 100 km from INTA fuchuan to difficult terrain. Beside the body found a plank on which were scratched the words “Here lived a hieromonk Bartholomew. Refused passports 666. Accepted death for Christ.”

In fact the fatal accident investigators started checking.