To the radicalization of the population of Kyrgyzstan has led to the neglect of the religious sphere by the former authorities, the Secretary of the security Council of the country

Bishkek. June 20. INTERFAX – For the year 2016 in Kyrgyzstan were prevented 17 terrorist attacks, said Tuesday the Secretary of security Council of the Republic Temir of Djumakadyrov.

“Terrorism is a real threat to Kyrgyzstan. During the first months of 2017 also detained several people who were preparing terrorist attacks on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. The state Committee of national security and the Ministry of internal Affairs of Republic to be proactive and not allow what is happening in some countries, ” he said, speaking at a counterterrorism forum in Bishkek

In the opinion of the Secretary of the security Council, previously the state has paid insufficient attention to the religious sphere.

“Ignoring the religious sphere has led to radicalization and extremism. However, in 2014 the country’s President was tasked with the development of a concept of state policy in the religious sphere. After the adoption of this concept Kyrgyzstan started to conduct systematic work in this sphere”, – he said.

“The concept hanafism (adopted in Kyrgyzstan, the concept of the religious politics of the Muslim countries are recommended to adhere to this legal school of Islam “if”) gives a clear picture of where we have to move in the religious sphere, to prevent the growth of radicalism. We are going to implement it, whether you like it or not,” said T. Dzhumakadyrov.

June 20, is being held in Bishkek anti-terrorist forum of the member countries of the Eurasian economic Union.