Israeli authorities demolish Palestinian homes, killed pogranichnitsa

TEL AVIV, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. Israeli security forces prepare to demolish homes of Palestinians who killed the pogranichnitsa in the center of Jerusalem, and take other measures in response to the attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

On Friday, three people from the West Bank of the Jordan river, armed with knives and a pistol, attacked the soldiers of the border police and, before they were eliminated by return fire, fatally wounded a 23-year-old girl.

“Since Friday, our security forces operate in the area of the village, where the terrorists, and preparing for the demolition of their homes,” Netanyahu said at the Cabinet meeting.

Revealing the destruction of residential buildings conceived by the Israeli authorities as one of the measures designed to stop Palestinian violence, the next wave which has claimed over the past year and a half life more than 40 people. In addition to demolitions, the Israelis usually prevent relatives of Palestinians accused of terrorism, the right to work in the Jewish state and has previously worked for the possibility of exile to the Gaza strip. The Palestinians and their supporting human rights activists condemn such actions, calling them “collective punishment.”

Addressing the Cabinet, Netanyahu announced that in response to the attack which happened in the midst of the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, decided to cancel the holiday visits of Palestinians to their relatives who live in Israel. The police was also ordered to tighten security measures in the square near the Damascus gate, where there was this and many of the previous attacks.

“The Prime Minister instructed to study the prospect of its transformation into the sterile area,” said a source close to Netanyahu.

Built in the middle Ages Damascus gate leads from Arab parts of Jerusalem in the Muslim quarter of the Old city. They are Arabs and the Jews for passage, respectively, to the mosques of the Temple mount and the Western Wall. The area in front of the gate is considered one of the “hot spots” of the current escalation of the conflict.